Port Talbot Learners Group Meetings

Just to let you know in a dedicated thread that the next meeting for The Port Talbot Learners Group is on the 22nd Mai 6.30pm in the foyer of The Aberafon Beach Hotel. We’re doing a picture quiz this time, bring a picture printed or on your phone with some clues in Cymraeg so we can guess your object. Wela i ti yna :slight_smile:

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19th June is the next meeting 6.30pm Usual place.
We will probably write another story a sentence at a time…llawer o hwyl amser diwetha :slight_smile:


Meeting tonight folks Aberafon Beach Hotel foyer for 6.30pm.

Cwrdd nesa Gorffenaf 31 6.30pm. Aberafon Beach Hotel Port Talbot
Yn ni’n siarad, chwarae gemau, ysgrifennu stori doniol byr, ac ymarfer Cymraeg gyda cwis.

Next meeting July 31st 6.30pm at the Aberafon Beach Hotel Port Talbot.
We talk, play games, write a short funny story, and practice Welsh with a quiz.

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Next meeting pencilled in for the 14th August.
If you’re coming can you let me know here and/or in the WSP group please?
Don’t fancy being a Billy no mates, as there were only the 3 of us last night due to holidays etc and 2 of those attendees 3 won’t be there next week due to holidays. Thanks all

New PT SSiW learners group I’ve set up on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2325724270837130/

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Next meeting is on the 28th August Aberafon Beach Hotel for 6.30pm to about 9pm.

We will be there really looking forward to it .

Next meeting 11th September 6.30pm Aberafon Beach Hotel :slight_smile:

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Next meeting is on 25th September Aberafon Beach Hotel fro 6.30pm

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Next meeting tomorrow at 6.30pm

Next meeting 23/10/19: We will do a SHOW & TELL. So bring an item of interest, an object a photo a keepsake, something you can tell us about for a few minutes. Feel free to prepare something to say if you prefer or speak off the cuff. It’s all good. Diolch

Helo Carin, what time does it start ad where is it? :slight_smile:

23/10/19 in The Aberafon Beach Hotel on the Seafront for 6.30pm. We meet in the foyer area. We will be doing a show and tell amongst other things, so ifyou have something of interst you’d like to say a few words about either re-hearsed or off the cuff bring it along. Hope you can make it :slight_smile:

18:30 may be pushing it for me that day as its my first day back in work after a week off so wouldn’t be able to shoot off as such as I normally could. I work in Cardiff and don’t finish until 17:30 so probably won’t make it.

Will aim for the next one after this.



I can see a Neil Jones on the WSP group if that’s you I can add you to the PT group

For the forseeable future the Port Talbot group will now be meeting fortnightly on a Monday evening. The next meeting is on Monday 4th November 6.30-8.30pm in The Aberafon Beach Hotel. Hope to see you there :slight_smile:

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Next meeting is tomorrow evening for 6.30pm Aberafon Beach Hotel foyer.
If you can make it please let me know, a few regulars are away on hols etc so don’t want to be sitting there on my lonesome lol Diolch

Our fortnightly meeting is tomorrow 2/12/19 6.30pm Aberafon Beach Hotel.


Rhannwch os gwelwch yn dda, a dod hefyd wrth gwrs

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