Popeth yn gymraeg DVD


Has anyone seen this? I’ve got the dvd and it’s fascinating- going round Wales only speaking welsh. Only welsh!

I wonder how different Wales would be if we ALL started doing this- even if we only used the few words some of us know? Let’s do it!


I remember seeing some of those programmes when there were on TV. It was surprising how well it went, even in places with lots of English incomers, like in Llandudno. I think it was Llandudno. Somewhere on the North Wales coast anyway.

It may have been London also and he did surprisingly well.

The point being you could walk into most cafes in the whole world (never mind Cymru) and ask for “paned o goffi plis” and they could work out you hadn’t stumbled in looking for a bag of potatoes!

this is amazing because in some topics (including this one: Ifor ap Glyn's 'Popeth Yn Gymraeg' series) there were questions about if this series will be somewhere to find again. Diolch @gregnicholas.

Checkoing on your link I am not sure how you’ve got the DVD as it says “out of print”. Was it some other shop or maybe even eBay? Sorry, but I can’t get the idea how you could get something what is out of print and that way not available anymore.

It’s a good DVD isn’t it. I was actually speaking to Ifor ap Glyn earlier on today
I always make a point of starting every conversation in Cymraeg if I’m in Gwynedd or Anglesey for example but sadly it just doesn’t feel right for me doing it in certain areas such as Llandudno as they are likely to just look at you like you have lost your marbles lol