Polyglot conference in Ljubljana from 26th - 29th October 2018

Well, this weekend it’s polyglot conference in Ljubljana and I thought I just had to write a sentence or two. I won’t be there for verious reasons but I’m really very curious about who besides @ChrisTaylor (who is among the organizers) and @onomatopoeicowl (I believe she mentioned ones here that she will attend) on here might be attending also. The program, as I’ve seen it, is very “actionpacked” (as probably always) so there’s no chance I’d be able to meet anyone but I’m still curious who will be mooving around in Ljubljana.

Whoever goes, I hope you’ll have a very good and fun time in hope you’ll learn a tiny bit of Slovene along aswell.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


If I hadn’t just returned from Australia I would have been there. I’ll have to sort out the next one!

Yes, I know, but according to the program, there’s no free time to be able to go elswhere or do anything else so we wouldn’t meet anyway. I thought at least pre-event they had on Friday is aimed more outward what would mean that for some kind of fee anyone who’s interested can come along at least for a while, but obviously, according to reactions, it is not so, so it would be for nothing if I’d show my face down the street there as I didn’t pay to participate.

Well, I have the feeling that there wouldn’t be the next time in Ljubljana or elswhere in Slovenian for quite a long time … So, you’d probably have to find some other “excuse” to come to our little country.

Otherwise, as much as I could read from Kerstin Cable and Simon Ager, people were quite happy to be in Ljubljana … how much of it did they actually had the chance to live and see I don’t know though.