Pobl y cwm sub titles

Dw i wedi gweld bod yr ‘sub-titles’ yn Pobl y Cwm omnibus bellach mor gyflym â’r siaradwyr nid 7 eiliad yn ddiweddarach -newyddion gwych!!

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Fyddet ti’n deud o eto yn Saesneg, os gwela ti’n dda?

Would you say it again in English, please?

Ooh, I wasn’t aware of any problems (I work for S4C!) Is this on the omnibus (with the burnt-in subtitles on the screen) in comparison with the weekly episodes (where you have to select the English subtitles if you want them), or has it been an problem on the omnibus previously?

If there’s an issue I’d like to try to get it sorted out…

It’s good now- perhaps the production link has been upgraded?

Glad it’s working now! Technical problems do happen, so do flag it if it happens again - the viewers’ hotline will be able to get the technical bods on the case straight away :slight_smile:

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I was just saying that subtitles were slow compared to the spoken words on Pobl y Cwm but it had got much better which is great

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