Pobi = Baking - Radio Cymru Cake Competition

I had a phone call the other day from Radio Cymru asking me to publicise the Bore Cothi programme’s Christmas Cake competition. So here goes.

Radio Cymru’s morning music and chat programme Bore Cothi (with Siân Cothi) are holding a Christmas Cake baking competition. The prize will be a visit to your home by Becws and Bake Off star Beca Lyne-Pirkis, who will hold a baking masterclass exclusively for you.

You need to register with Radio Cymru to enter, and they will send you an entry pack including a special box to protect a slice of cake through the post and some hygiene and safety advice.

More information at the programme web page:

I’m hoping to put in an entry myself!

Edited: to put the link in its own paragraph.

Wonder how on earth that works. Send pics when it arrives! :slight_smile: