Plygain Services - 2022/23

Time to kick off the Plygain thread for another year! Plygain is magical 3-part harmony singing, usually unaccompanied, and is traditional over the festive season in Wales. Its popularity waned for quite some time, but it seems to be enjoying a revival. It’s worth going along to - and if you can make this Plygain service in the beautiful old church at St Fagans, you’re in for a treat!

And if you’re not sure what Plygain is this video explains it and gives a beautiful demonstration: Singing Tradition: Welsh Plygain Carol - YouTube


Plygain carols workshop and service in Eglwys Dewi Sant, Cardiff on Saturday 3 December.

Anyone with any level of Welsh is very welcome to attend.

Book for the workshop (2-5pm) here:

The service at 6pm is free to attend


I went to the launch of a new book of plygain carols today - Seiniwn Hosanna with Sioned Webb and Arfon Gwilym. Sales from the book are supporting a new website for all things Plygain including a diary of plygain services. Find it at


What a useful website. That’s my calendar filled. Thank you @amandalaing

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I love Plygain services. Used to sing in several with our chapel when we lived in South Wales. But I doubt if there are any on Anglesey…

@amandalaing are you in contact with anyone from the book launch? The email address on their website doesn’t work. Someone contacted Admin to say the email address wasn’t valid, so I tried and got the same response. They say it’s the email address to let them know about other Plygain events so they can be included on the website, but they aren’t going to get any if it doesn’t work!

Looking at the map on it appears there’s one at Llanfairpwll on Christmas eve. You’re in luck!

I don’t but I know people who can contact Arfon and Sioned who have set it up. Its all very very new, only announced on Sunday at the launch of the new carol book. Arfon mentioned that not everyone thinks its a good idea as its too modern to have a website for plygain. I can get someone to let him know that the email address isn’t working.


Would be interested in knowing when it’s up and running!

I certainly am, thank you! Was thinking of travelling south to Carmarthenshire to our old chapel for one, but might not need to do that now.

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Coventry - this is not a service as such but we are singing Plygain in the pub as part of our Old New Year celebrations. We would love any SSIWers to join us and any Plygain teams would be welcome to sing :slight_smile:


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Hi Deborah, I saw Arfon at the Plygain this evening in Llansilin and mentioned the problems with the email. He said that he knows! Lots of people have reported it to him and he’s working on it. Hopefully it will be working soon. The website is working its just the email contact that isn’t.


Excellent! Diolch @amandalaing !

New website to reconnect folk with the plygain scene following Covid.

This is the same one mentioned above - it’s great to see it’s getting so much interest!
Note that the contact email wasn’t working initially, but they’re trying to fix the issue.

There’s a new email address now - Please use that to let us know about any Plygain services not already on the calendar.

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Diolch @ffion-3 :clap:

Hi Andy,

I tried sending an email to the address at the bottom of the poster but it failed.
Is the address shown correct?

Colin is the new address. Pob lwc.

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Diolch yn fawr, Margaret.

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