Plygain - Montgomery and Meirionnydd areas?

Shwmae pawb. I have been tentatively singing in plygain services for the last few years as part of trying to build my confidence with the welsh language. Does anyone want to come and sing with me this year? I am a passable alto, or soprano if you stick a pin in me, and would be happy to sing with anyone willing to hold the music as my hands shake too much. I live in Montgomery and will try and get to as many services as I can in this county or Merionethshire. It is a wondrous and moving tradition. Please get in touch if you want to know more. Denice


Hi Denice!

Good luck with finding someone to coma and sing Plygain with you! To give you a better chance of finding someone, I have added your locations to the thread title and moved it to the Meetups/Events section. Hope this helps and that you get some answers soon! :smiley:

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Hi Denice, a few of us around Llanfyllin/Llanrhaeadr are getting together to song Plygain including my husband who isn’t learning Welsh but I’m hoping the pressure will drag him in eventually (@aran if you ever want to experiment with language learning in a dyslexic who failed his French O level 7 times let me know!) Anyway @deniceilgajaunzens we could do with a soprano if you fancy it.

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Hello Denice
Re the plygain- I live in Ludlow, am a soprano and am definitely interested but am not sure if you want to meet up just for a singing session or if you are singing at an event. if the latter, would this be an evening or daytime event and what is the date please? it is a bit of a trek for me, but Montgomery is driveable, provided it is not in the dark!

Woukd love to hear more and join in if possible. Thank you.

Bore da @deniceilgajaunzens! :smiley:

I am thrilled that you are receiving positive responses to your thread! I hope you don’t mind, but in the interest of your own personal security, I have removed your phone number from the above post. Can I recommend as an alternative that you swap phone numbers with Amanda through private messages? I wouldn’t want your phone number to be compromised. :slight_smile:

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thanks @CatrinLliarJones I’ve only just picked this up as I’ve been out far too many times this week, however they have all been Welsh speaking things so thats my excuse! I’ll message you @deniceilgajaunzens we are meeting to practice tomorrow (Sunday) at 2pm.