Plygain for TTBB

Hi everyone especially music lovers

Does anyone know of or even have a book of “plugain” (Welsh part songs traditionally sung over Christmas and New Year) arranged for a male voice choir?

This is for Côr Cymraeg Coventry, a small male voice Welsh singing group based in Coventry, England.

There are any number of books of plygain and I have Geraint Vaughan-Jones’ Hen Garolan Plygain but this is arranged for soprano-alto-tenor-bass and we’re looking for tenor-tenor-bass-bass arrangements.

Any recommendations would be very welcome.


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I know @Deborah-SSi is very fond of plygain - she might be able to point you in some helpful directions… :slight_smile:

I used to have a friend in Cor Meibion Dyfnant, but he has died now. However, most Cor Meibion are very friendly. Why not do a Google search and send a plea to a web site or two?

Great suggestion @henddraig and thanks @aran too :slight_smile:

As it happens I didn’t need to disturb any Corau Meibion or Dee either. The lovely people at Cerdd Ystwyth bookshop where I bought my previous plygain book were very helpful. Apparently plygain are written “by default” for a male voice group, with the tune usually in the middle part. Who knew? (ok lots of people did, just not me). And can obviously be used by other voice groups too. So we’ll carry on with Geraint Vaughan-Jones’s Hen Garolau Plygain and see if we like a few from that, and if not we can use any of the other available plygain books.

Diolch everyone!


Does this mean we’re going to have to introduce a Plygain category to next year’s Online Eisteddfod :wink: