Please Give Me Some Time!

I’m struggling with Challenge 12 right now. I was warned that my course would be paused but I get a new e-mail every week! It gets very intimidating and makes it harder to catch up! Can I please ask you to pause my course? Diolch!

Hi Nancy,

I’m just tagging Aran in the post to make sure he see’s it.


Challenge 12 is notoriously difficult! if you can, try to push on to 13, don’t aim for perfection. It will slot into place as you progress :slight_smile:

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They might be a thread with how Challenging number 12 is. You can either break it into sections or the usual advice is to carry on. I found that bit tricky too but don’t worry just move on. I promise it gets easier very soon.

1 Like, e mail this address and request a pause and they will arrange it for you. This will give you some breathing space if you’re feeling overwhelmed. You will find a lot of helpful information on the Slack 6/6 support workspace pertaining to your current week and comments from other learners on how they have coped. Pob lwc.

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Hi Nancy - for a pause, just drop a line - although all the emails are really doing is just opening up new content for you - you’re not under any requirement to do it until you’re ready (and as others have said, 12, 13 and 14 are all pretty tough, but once you’re through them it should never feel quite that tough again!)… :slight_smile:

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That’s scary. I thought half way through 11 it was like hitting a brick wall when ‘Byddai fe’ turned up to confuse me.

To be honest, there are a few whoppers here and there. Don’t worry though I remember a few I thought “I’m never going to be able to say that”. Rest assured, we are not good judges of what we’ll never be able to do :smile:


You are not wrong:sunglasses:

@AnthonyCusack - I really like that - that’s a great ‘thought for the day’ - and I couldn’t agree more! :+1: :+1: :sunny:

Rich :slight_smile:

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How are you getting the emoji to display. when I picked one it just seems to have appended :sunglasses: to my sentence.

Ok - it seemed to work in your last post?..

…you just need to make sure that there is a space before and after the ‘:’ it puts in which denotes that an emoji follows…

…if the space gets lost eg when you are editing…you end up with just the written name of the emoji instead!

(Edit: but you can always edit your post afterwards if it isn’t quite as intended by clicking on the pencil icon - this would allow you to add a space to make the emoji re-appear for example - or to add something such as this extra text/ information)

Rich :slight_smile:

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Me too. I’ve just been paused and I’m trying to get back into it. I’m afraid 6 minutes a day was never going to be enough… there’s always so much else to do.


I’m trying to start all over again with Lesson 1 but I can’t seem to find a way to get it up on my screen (I am using a desktop computer). How can I get the early lessons? I find I need a through review of them to tackle the latest one.

Are you subscribed to the course Nancy? The lessons used to be free but now there is a paywall, so that may be the reason. If you have a subscription, then it must be something else so if you can confirm that you do have a subscription, someone will be able to look into it.

As far as I know, I’m subscribed to the course. I get an e-mail with a new challenge every week, but my hiatus has been so prolonged that I feel the need to refresh myself. Thanks for looking into it,

Ah, ok, well that eliminates the obvious reason then! When you’re on this forum, can you see the ‘Learn’ in the top bar? If you click that you should be able to access all the challenges. If that doesn’t work, it may be a case of emailing admin, but see if that does the trick first.