Places to eat & drink in Welsh - [search thread by town/city to find somewhere near you]

As I understand that the map of places to speak Welsh seems to be taking a breather, I thought it might be nice for us to mention some places where you can engage in conversation.
Some to start -

(I’ve edited this to give a tiny bit of information)

  • Ty Tawe in Swansea - Welsh centre, shop, gigs & Saturday coffee morning.

  • Soar in Merthyr, Welsh centre, cafe, gigs, etc.

  • Y Galeri in Caernarfon (amongst others), Arts centre, bar/restaurant, etc.

  • Y Star, Dylife, Powys. Inn next to an old lead mine on mountain road. Bars and restaurant with accommodation, At least one member of staff is a first language speaker and loves the language.

Please add some of your own. :slight_smile:

What an absolutely great idea John! I’ve tweaked your title a little, to make it a little more specific.

Users can easily search the thread by town/city to see what comes up in their area.

Here are my suggestions…

  • Oriel Plas Glyn y Weddw, Llanbedrog near Pwllheli

  • Tafarn y Fic, Llithfaen, Llyn Peninsula

  • The Whitehall, Pwllheli

  • The Black Boy, Caernarfon

  • Ty Castell, Caernarfon


Any more suggestions for this thread? :blush:

I’m copying this from the Anglesey topic -
We loved the Four Crosses on the Outskirts of Porthaethwy (Menai Bridge). Great food and very friendly Welsh speaking staff.

I can’t seem to edit a spelling mistake in my original now, perhaps its too old. Anyway The canolfan Soar should say “cafe” not “cage” :smiley:

Please feel free to add to this thread as lockdown restrictions ease. A few people are asking for suggestions now. It doesn’t have to be eat and drink only, could include shops, museums etc.

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Fixed it for you John. X

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Diolch, Catrin :smiley:

St Cannas Ale House had Welsh speaking staff/customers last time i was in there, though I’m not a regular so don’t know if thats always the case. A smashing place with great beer anyway

42 Llandaff Road
CF11 9NJ

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I’m going to Dolgellau on holiday on Saturday. Would i be safe to assume that people in shops etc are Welsh speaking? Or should i ask in English if they speak Welsh? Wondering if there’s some kind of etiquette to it?

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Never mind etiquette (there isn’t really any in this situation) - always start with Welsh!
If you start in Welsh and they speak Welsh, they’ll use it, and if they don’t, then you may be helping them decide they really ought to learn! :wink:


Great tip, I’ll do that x

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Now that Covid restrictions are starting to ease, I thought it would be great if some us started adding to recommendations again. As a starter, I’m spreading my wings slightly to find safe takeaways and shops that are local(ish) to me. Please feel free to help out.

However, one thing that I totally overlooked was that there was already a similar but perhaps more comprehensive topic in existence. Strange, as I had commented on it, myself.

Hi @CatrinLliarJones I don’t know if you want to check this out some time and perhaps merge the topics if appropriate (or not) :rofl:

Here is a link to the other tpoic
Best Places in Wales for the "Welsh Language experience"? - Welsh / General / Questions - SSi Forum (

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In the mean-time, I might just jot down any findings in the other topic, as shown above. Best places in Wales …
Please join in - also possibly the odd place over the border, if it’s Welsh speaking. My daughter is doing a great job at identifying Welsh speaking patients in the Southampton dental practices where she works, but that might be a step too far :smiley:

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So, this afternoon I did a tour of mini supermarkets around the feeder valleys to Cwmtawe. I mostly asked random questions about fruit teas etc, in the hope of a Welsh response. Strangely, although I didn’t get any answers in Welsh, I did get totally relevant English answers. So I assume they were having a laugh. Ah well, onwards and upwards. Further into Carms for my next shopping venture.

I’ve copied this over to the other topic now - Best places in Wales… Hopefully see you there.


Café Dewi at Oriel Môn near Llangefni.

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Need to get back into this :smiley:


Here’s another:
A nice cafe -
Diod in Rhosmaen Street, Llandeilo.
All the staff are happy to speak and listen to you in Welsh or English.
It’s a fairly busy place, so if you want to order in Welsh, just go for it and give it a try. No problems reverting to English if you get stuck. :slight_smile:

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Here’s another one - in Penarth town centre:
Love Brownies cafe in Windsor Road.
A really helpful lady who is bravely learning to converse with customers :slight_smile:
It’s a lovely cafe.