Pink to red?

I have looked all through this site and
a)can’t see what colour thingy I am
b) can’t find my sound cloud recordings

Help please as I don’t have loads of time to dedicate to IT and do all my listening en route to work. This bit is stressing me out and I feel like I’m technically out of my depth!

Please don’t worry too much about it Rachel, we’ll sort it out between us.

Firstly have a look at this new thread where I’ve tried to explain as clearly as possible where to post for your badges, it also contains a link to a post by Aran explaining what all the badges mean and how to get them.

I hope the info in there helps a little.

Otherwise if you click on your name, it should take you to your profile where you can search for all the posts you’ve written.

If you’re still stuck beyond this, let me know and I’ll see if I can help further. But that probably won’t be till tomorrow morning. Good luck!

Hi, @rachel-woollam! Just to let you know, in case like me you’re a technophobe, that I’m happy to listen to people’s sentences on Skype, Slack or even over the phone, to make sure no-one gets left out. Pob lwc with learning Welsh!

Hi Bronwen,

Thank you so much for replying. I’m usually pretty good with technology and have recorded my sentences but am just struggling to navigate this platform and Soundcloud. I have very little time in the week to play around with it. If I continue to find it a stumbling block I’ll be back in touch re Skype!

Diolch eto


Thanks Catrin,

Don’t worry about delays, I usually only get the chance to log in at the weekend or once mid week. I’ll try to navigate it by following your link and re reading. I probably just need to set aside some time to investigate it further.



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Well done Rachel, you did it! :smiley:

Diolch yn fawr Catrin. :innocent: