Picking something to start on - for 'increasing USE'

So with a view to trying out Tricider and picking something to start on I made this:


You SHOULD be able to comment, vote for and add ideas. it shouldn’t need a log in.

I’ve started it off by populating it with the ideas from the Trello board on increasing USING - I know that kinds of overlaps with the increasing Learners’ FREQUENCY and OPPORTUNTY as well but I haven’t added though in - though if someone wants to there is overlap there.

My brain wants thinkgs to be neat but the overlap is natural and I’m busy reminding myself that Perfect Is The Enemy of Done!


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Brilliant. Looks really good. Clear, obvious.

Your votes please, people!

Maybe we should, at this initial stage, choose one idea each from the three main areas of ‘more people learning’, ‘more learners succeeding’ and ‘more people using’?

How much of a pain in the neck are they to set up, Leia? Can you share admin on it?

They’re dead easy to set up. No function for sharing admin that I can see but there’s very few settings to change - basically admins can alter the closing date for the decision and alter wording of ideas submitted.

And I’ve just noticed i set this one up on not the linked account I thought I did. never mind (perfectistheenemyofdoneperfectistheenemyofdone ;-))

I can set up the Learning and Succeeding ones, yep and see what bubbles to the top!

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Fab. Superstar :slight_smile: