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Another Tricider

As with the others you can vote, or add any ideas I’ve missed - they were taken off the Trello as it stands two minteus ago:-0


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Sorry @leiafee, I voted once, but found it very fiddly on my ipad. Then I realised I agreed with pretty much all the ideas, so I gave up!

That’s odd. It was at an ‘iPads in teaching" event’ I first discovered it! Maybe it’s changed interface since. Sorry about that.


I doubt it, @leiafee. I am very bad at using it, even with the new stylus I was just given! I have always had poor manual dexterity and now I have arthritic fingers as well!

This is awesome - already starting to give shape to the project - brilliant work, @leiafee :star: :star2:

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Really like these Tricider voting pages! :grinning: Clear and easy to use. Well done @leiafee

My only reservation relates to timescales. Should we make sure we’ve finished collecting ideas before making the voting public? Have a deadline for idea submission, then put all remaining ideas up.
Few advantages;

  1. Oldest ideas have no advantage (ideas on page longest are likely to get more votes otherwise).
  2. You only do upload of ideas once.
  3. Makes voting more of the ‘thing’ - more likely to get more engagement where timescale defined for voting.

What do you think?

btw; Thanks so much for sharing your Tricider discovery!:thumbsup:

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Possibly for the next round yes - or possibly for the next round we put ideas direct on Tricider and integrate the discussion - it’s got that pros and cons feature?


I’ve just started having a really good look at the Tricider boards, and actually I think you’ve captured so much content, and the voting seems to be working so well, that my previous comment probably doesn’t apply at the moment!

You’ve caputured the ideas really well and the pros/cons feature is working really well to sift through them. :thumbsup:


I think this is an intelligent and worthwhile comment - on this occasion, I think we want to try and build a repeating structure - so I hope that we’ll continue to generate ideas and votes - rather than seeing the idea generating step as a one-off… :slight_smile: