Photography in Welsh 📷

Inspired by @ramblingjohn’s wonderfully informative and visually beautiful What’s Outside thread and by @carin-harris’s fortnightly photography group on Slack, I thought I’d start a photography thread here.

The idea is to share photographs, share tips, share photography vocabulary in Welsh.

For any photographs shared, could we maybe try and put the titles of the photographs in Welsh?

Looking forward very much to your contributions! :smiley: :camera: :camera_flash:


To get you started, here’s a great website with some useful photography vocabulary in the form of flashcards…

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Here’s some extra vocabulary…

Photography - ffotograffiaeth (photo-graff-ya-eth)
Camera - camera (cam-ra)
Lens - lens
Body - corff (korf)
Shutter - caead (kay-ad)
Shutter speed - cyflymder caead (kuv-lum-derr)
Aperture - agorfa (agg-gore-va)
To take a picture - tynnu llun (tonne-knee lleen)
Exposure - datguddiad (dat-geeth-yad)
Frame - ffram (frahm)
Light - golau (gol-eye)
Shadow - cysgod (kuss-god)
Dark - tywyllwch (tow-uh-lloo-ch)
Focus - ffocws (foh-kws)
Composition - cyfansoddiad (kuv-anne-soth-yad)


Dw i’n hapus i ddechrau :slight_smile: I’m happy to start!
Wisgers y llygoden mawr (The rat’s whiskers) Tynnais i’r llun heddiw. Efo luniau bywyd gwyllt mae’n bwysig iawn ffocys ar y llygad agosaf :slight_smile: …a piedio symud!!
I took this picture today. With pictures of wildlife its very important to focus on the closest eye… and don’t move! :slight_smile:


Oh I love this! What a rare capture! You must have had to keep still for a very long time! :slight_smile:

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Here are a few recent ones from a black and white [du a gwyn - (dee ah goo-in)] collection…

Ffens - I love playing around with focus [ffocws (foh-kws)] and bokeh.

A bare tree in winter with Moel Tryfan and the quarry in the background…

In the shadow of Moel Tryfan, looking towards The Wyddfa covered in snow, inspired by Ansel Adams…

A boat on the side of a mountain… as you do…

Looking down towards Dinas Dinlle with the Eifl in the background on the left hand side - I love how dramatic the Common Hawthorns [draenen wen (dray-nenn wenn)] are in the winter - they’re like old witches… :wink:


Tynnuais i y llun’ma yn Prague, gyda ffon symudol. Do’n i ddim yn gwybod, pan on’in mynd i thynnu fe, bod y feicwr yn dod, Lwcus iawn!


Here’s a link to @carin-harris’ photography website -

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Right place, right time! Gwych! :smiley:


Where are all you Welsh learning, photography keen, forum goers?! Lets get this thread going! :wink:

We get quite spectacular sunsets up here in the foothills of Snowdonia. I especially like it when dramatic weather meets the sunset…

Machlud (mach-lid) - sunset


Ok, here’s one.
I took this in 2013 when I was with a crew filming at Rockfield Studios in Monmouth. There’s a story that it inspired Freddie Mercury to write the line “Any way the wind blows” at the end of Bohemian Rhapsody. I wouldn’t say it’s a spectacular photo, but it’s been published in a book about Monmouth!

weather vane - ceiliog gwynt (even when it’s a horse!)


I love this Siaron and what a fabulous story! I never knew that about Bohemian Rhapsody - brilliant! :smiley:


Here’s my recent eisteddfod winner on the theme of Enfys (rainbow). Taken on the Isle of Skye. :slight_smile:


Oh how beautiful! I love Skye such a magical place. :heart:

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Oedd hi’n bwrw glaw ger Moel Tryfan (I think right next to that boat, Catrin :upside_down_face:) ym mis Rhagfyr

Tywydd dramatig, Mynydd Graig Goch


Aethon ni i Dinbych y Pysgod ddoe. We went to Tenby yesterday.
Mae fy ngŵr tynnu y llun. My husband took this pic of a morfarch.


Waw! I didn’t know that there were walruses there!! :slight_smile: Fabulous to see! :slight_smile:

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This one does appear to be a bit lost but seems happy enough at the moment. I think the hope is that as the water warms it will go in search of the colder water it’s used to.