Photographs of Bwtcamp/Eisteddfod/SSiW Parties etc?

Prynhawn da gyfeillion!

I’m looking for photographs for a small project.

I’ve scoured this forum, the previous forum, Facebook, Flickr, Google and many other nooks and crannies of the Internet in search of SSiW related photos, in particular ones including people. Whilst I’ve gathered quite a few, I know that my editing process is going to mean that a lot of the lower quality ones I’ve gathered will be binned.

So I’m making one last shout out to you wonderful people, to ask if you have any I could use.

I’m looking in particular for high quality, clear, bright photos of scenes from Bwtcamp, the SSiW birthday parties, Eisteddfod gatherings or other SSiW related shenanigans.

Group photos are great as well informal ones of people interacting with each other. Funny photos or photos full of activity are fab as long as they are in focus. I’m looking for a wide array of different people and scenarios, both recent and dating back to the early days.

If you think you can help me out with just one photo, then please either PM me with the photo or a link to the photo or send an email to catrinlliar[at]

Thank you very much in advance for your help. :slight_smile:


Frustratingly, many of my photos from past bootcamps have “evaporated” which reinforces my belief that paper is a much better and safer archiving medium than electronic or magnetic storage. :frowning:

However, I have sent you links to the Mag 7 reunion and videos of the July, 2012 Tresaith bootcamp starring Angarad Lliar and Bueno. You may be able to capture some still photos from the videos. You may also need to download some of the movies since Google’s built in player doesn’t seem to cope with all formats.

I think @vgh50 and @mintonman may be able to help here …

I’ve just emailed my fellow bwtcampers to ask their permission to send some of our photo’s to you. x

It depends of how fast you need these photos and if my can count aswell. If yes I’ll do a much better thing: I’ll upload all I have to the google drive and share the folder with you so you can choose by yourself if anything suits you at all and you’d not need to waste your own storage for the possible trash you might not need. But I’ll do it tomorrow as today I’m totally burned out (energetically) for who knows what reason really …

Hope it’s fine that way. If not … just say it and I’ll drop out. :slight_smile:

Tatjana :slight_smile:

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Diolch, you are all wonderful!

I’m aiming to get my folder of photos ready by about Tuesday.

I do already have a lot. But I’m sure there are some which I have missed, or some which I found online but were unable to download for various reasons. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got!

Shared via e-mail the whole folder in which are two folders inside - one from bootcamp and one from Eisteddfod gathering. Hope it suts something. However for some photos maybe you’d want to ask people on them if they want to be exposed in the project though. (there’s nothing inapropriate of course).

Tatjana :slight_smile:

I’ve found some I emailed to Aran in 2015, so you probably already have them, but I’ve forwarded the email to you too in case you haven’t :slight_smile:

Bwtcamp Sept 2011. Future President of Gweriniaeth Cymru in the foreground. :wink:
Most of the pictures from this bwtcamp are of terrible quality, unfortunately.

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