Perth Welsh Learners/speakers groups?

Hi everyone, I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but i’m moving to Perth from Adelaide and just wondering if anyone knows if there are any welsh learner/speaker groups in Perth? Diolch!! :grinning:

Shwmae Ffion,
Have you seen this?

Might be what you’re looking for

Hi Ffion!

Keep an eye on the following thread as well, as it contains a (regularly updated) list of regular SSiW and Welsh speaking meet-ups. :slight_smile:

Sut mae, Ffion :slight_smile:

Croeso i Perth!

Pryd wyt ti’n dod?

When are you coming here?

I am interested in starting/joining a conversation group here. We have a small group of learners but it’s more formal than an SSiW group.

See you soon, I hope :sunny:


Hi Di!

Sorry for the slow reply - I moved here last week. A conversation group sounds great :grinning: if there is only a more formal group at the moment I would still like to join that if it’s possible :slight_smile:

Hi Ffion, no problem. Which part of Perth are you living in now? and where are you working if you don’t mind my asking? and Welcome to the West. Put your watch back 2 hours and your mind back 20 years :slight_smile: