Perfect Irregular Verbs

Deuthum “I had come”, euthum “I had gone”, gwneuthum “I had done” - are these used in speech or are they literary forms only? They all appear quite frequently in Y Beibl William Morgan. I was reading “Blasu” by Manon Steffan Ros when I came across it.

Don’t EVER use them in speech! :slight_smile:

I have never heard those terms anyway but have to ask @garethrking why have you stressed the point of don’t EVER use them in speech?

Because nobody EVER uses them in speech! :slight_smile:

Ok, just thought that as you stressed the point there must be something sinister or rude.

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Oh no - I don’t think any tense of the verb in Welsh (or indeed any other language) has anything rude or sinister about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought it was unlikely to be in speech because I couldn’t find a reference in Modern Wesh: A Comprehensive Grammar. The written sentence, in context, is: “Deuthum i ddeall pam roedd Mai Davies wedi bod mor garedig, a hithau wedi canfod Pegi ar garreg ei drws ganol nos.” - I had come to understand …

Indeed. You will find it towards the end of Intermediate Welsh, where the LitWelsh verb system is dealt with - and in the Reader, again in the latter part of the book where we venture bravely in LitWelsh. :slight_smile:

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