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Hello all
I like doing lots of different things to learn Welsh. I do this course, of course (!), I read, I watch the Welsh channel, I throw my best Welsh at my neighbour at every opportunity and I rummage about in grammar books from time to time. However - I’m missing a piece of the puzzle. Am currently reading e-ffrindiau by Louis Arnold and thoroughly enjoying it. I thought it might be nice to have a pen pal to broaden the learning experience.
My level: I’m currently at Challenge 13/Level 1 and Lesson 13/Course 1 (don’t ask!).Is there anyone out there who would like to start an exchange of emails? Might be fun. :sunglasses:

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@Deborah-SSi - one for the email? :slight_smile:


When people are looking for learning partners in any way, we often draw attention to them in the weekly email, which goes out to a lot of people and makes it more likely that they’ll find someone… :slight_smile:

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Gwych…diolch. :wink:


@CaerlanChris Message me Chris. I’ll happily comply :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re fine with my terrible spelling, I’m sure we’ll get on like a house on fire!

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@CaerlanChris Here I am if you want. Message me and we’ll sort out whether you are comfortable with pen-pal(ing) through PM on thsi forum or we’d rather go through e-mail.

If my too talkative nature isn’t dusturbing to you. :slight_smile:

And … you talk so much about this "e-ffrindiau book and @AnnaC (if I still remember correctly) has written lovely review of the book in this year’s Online Eisteddfod, that i just have to grab and read it. Is there any chance I find it as a Kindle edition too?


That’s very kind of you to say, @tatjana. I don’t think there is a Kindle edition, but it seems to be available as a paperback at Amazon, Gwales, and the Book Depository - although you’d have to check if it’s available to ship to you.

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Thank you @AnnaC. All those are shipping to my country, + Ylolfa so prety many resources to check. I’ve checked Kindle yesterday and it really isn’t there for grabs so I’ll probably go with Gwales or Ylolfa where i shop mostly although the Book depository ships free worldwide (that means without postage payed). :slight_smile:

So … e-friendship … here we are! :slight_smile:

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I don’t believe there is a Kindle version, but I got my copy from my local library. They also stock another two titles by the same author - I can’t wait! I’m really enjoying e-ffrindiau but I can’t see that it would suit everybody - although it’s perfect for me and my embryonic Welsh! I’m lucky, I live in Wales but libraries outside the country may not stock it.
Have to say I’ve just subscribed to the magazine, Lingo Newydd and received the first copy through my door yesterday. Fantastic. Again, right up my beginner’s street. :yum:


Lingo Newydd will suit you later on also as it has 3-steps texts what means the texts are suitable as for beginners as for much advanced learners. I usually buy digital copy through Golwg app but only when there’s something related to SSiW in there (or is someone from here in or we’re mentioned …). Otherwise I don’t buy magazines anymore (I’ve off-subscribed from WCW too) as I don’t have the time to read and my eyes are quite tired lately. Interesting part is that I read digital things easier then printed ones so digital world is more my friend lately.

For the libraries: I don’t live even in UK and i live far from UK where the language is not even close to English or Welsh so I don’t think our libraries are stocked with such books as E-ffrindiau is but I might check. You never know … :slight_smile:

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Well, your language is closer to English and Welsh than Finnish is :slight_smile:

Taking into considderation slang and dialects, yes, otherwise … Well, might be more Slovene is closer to Finish then English if we take into considderation that Finish and Hungarian are in the same languae group. And if you go to Prekmurje region of our country you’ll be able to hear more Hungarian then Slovene at some places and at some point.

But all what I actually wanted to say here is that it’s hard to find books like E-ffrindiau in our libraries. Even English books are in minority I believe although we are stocked with quite amount of foreign literature.

For the purpose of my curiousity I’ll check COBBIS later on to see what/if is available in Welsh in our libraries at all. And +, I have to buy my own books as I’m extreamly slow reader and I have to prolong the borrowing time twice or even 3 times (what meas 2 or 3 times of 14 days) to be able to finish the book or (what happens in majority) I don’t finish it at all. This guilts for Slovene or English books what means for Welsh for example I’d probably need as twice as that. :frowning:

But to return to the topic … I don’t write as slow as I read so if in need of e-pal, I’m here. :slight_smile:

I am happy to be a pen pal to anyone - especially someone overseas, but I would particularly love to do it the old fashioned way and use the actual post and write with a real pen and paper - makes it so much more fun than emails (also less pressure to reply quickly!).


May I type? My writing is extreamly non-beautiful and probably unreadable. :slight_smile: (Or I think so …) :slight_smile:

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@OlwenR I’m in the US, don’t know if that interests you, but I’d be happy to be a paper-and-pen pen-pal with you. Ages ago, when I was in my early teens, I had a pen pal in the UK, (in English, never knew I could learn Welsh back then) and I loved seeing that envelope appear in my mailbox :slight_smile:


Yes Typing is fine!

Count me in if you want to do it the old fashioned way - makes me want to dash out and get a writing pad (remember them?) and a decent pen! We live in such a fast-paced society but taking time to write a letter and waiting for the postman…what larks! Just need to take out a mortage to pay for the stamps!
I couldn’t oblige in the ‘overseas’ department…we moved to South Wales last October…but let me know. I’m guessing you’ll be swamped with offers. Bring back hand written letters, I say.
What level are you at? When did you start learning? :relaxed:

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Oopths! Think I just replied to the wrong person…duh! :sunglasses:


I am also in South Wales and only moved here in November. I am near Pontypridd. Still happy to write though - message me your address. I have done level 1 and 2 of the Southern Course. I started in January and was a guinea pig for Aran’s super intensive course, so did it all in a week. Since then I have consolidated most of level 1 and am working through level 2 again (although, to be honest I’ve not done much recently).

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