since i started a monthly payment i have not been able to get on the forum so i have deciced to get out as i am not getting anything from you site plus my computor is tellin me that it is not a secure site and enter it at my own risk AVG is the protector. other wise I have got on very well with course one that I downloaded

I also get a security warning come up about the sites security if I use my phone to access the Forum.
This started about three weeks ago. It says: The name of the site does not match the name on the certificate…
Obviously, not a problem to me but someone randomly accessing…

S’mae Edith,

The “not a secure site” message is because the site is serving http content over https, due to some images and/or videos that have been posted. However, the site is secure and safe to use. You do not need to worry on that score - it is not a vehicle for viruses or anything like that. Have you emailed or sent a private message (PM) to Aran about the difficulties you have been experiencing? He is very swift to sort out issues such as access problems, so it seems a shame for you to leave SSIW, especially as you say that you have got on well with the course. Could I suggest that you give Aran the opportunity to rectify the issues you have been having before you turn your back on this fantastic language resource? Yr hen iaith needs all the supporters and speakers it can get.



Hi Edith - what problems exactly are you having with getting on the forum? Has it started working now, since you’ve been able to make it on here to post this, or is it specific areas you’re having trouble accessing? If you can let me know more specific details I’ll see if I can fix it for you.