Paying £10 for access to one lesson


I seem unable to download the next lesson (5) on level 2 (new) and have listened 1-4 plenty of times now . I need to download as I don’t have internet access on the train and therefore unable to use the subscribe service. Can anyone advise how to get this lesson?

Hi, I’m not the right person to be helping you (@tatjana maybe?) , but if you could give a little more detail someone can work out the issue.

Are you doing the northern or southern course? What are you using to download the lessons, e.g. Windows laptop, iPad, Android tablet, mobile phone?

With that information people with relevant experience will be able to help you and you should soon be on to the next lesson.

Pob lwc, Dee

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Firstly @rainecaevans with Welsh course you don’t pay 10 GBP for one lesson (this comes with Spanish course), but you pay 3.95 GBP for the whole Cymraeg course and all what comes with it (means practices and everything what is to disposal).

So I believe with switching the feel and look of the sites it might happen Spahish course got mixed with Welsh regarding payments-prices or something else went wrong.

Data @Deborah-SSi suggests you should provide would really be very useful, too. Since you joined the forum only 2 hours ago I don’t believe you’ve got the access to test app and could this for not mix it with regular one, but anyway … pay attention of the version of the app (if you use it for download) aswell.

If you provide data Dee suggested you should provide we’d also know who to bring attention to this problem, too.

Oh, and since you’ve joined the forum 2 hours ago:

Welcome to the forum!

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Are you seeing this page?

If so, what you’ll need to do is click on “Subscribe for FULL ACCESS” before you get on the train. Once you’ve signed up you can download the lessons to your computer/phone/mp3 player for use on the train.

In addition to the answers above…

It’s £3.95 per month for ALL welsh courses

From the lesson page:

(This pages also mentions paying £10 per lesson. Ignore this. I think it’s there in error and needs to be removed, because there doesn’t appear to be a way to actually purchase a single lesson for £10. One for @Kinetic)

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Ooh, good spot. I’ve removed that outdated text now - there used to be a way to do this but not any longer. :smile:

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Hmmm … are these pages still available? I thought it’s all new design. If it is new design then @rainecaevans couldn’t get what you shown on the screenshot. When I’m not logged in I get new design if I log in I can’t test what you get in this case as I’ve subscribed to Polyglot … Whatever you clicked as not logged in is new design though.

Thanks everyone. Now subscribed and loaded lots of lessons so will be busy for a while :grinning:


Happy learning! :slight_smile:

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