Patagonian Eisteddfod 2022 on YouTube

If you’d like to see how they hold an Eisteddfod in Patagonia, the Welsh-speaking part of Argentina, this year’s event was recently uploaded to YouTube.

Here you can watch the Friday session from Chubut

while this was the Eisteddfod in Trevelin 2021

and a Welsh dance group from Puerto Madryn on the Day of the Immigrant this year.

Diolch yn fawr! Muchas gracias! to Dario Trombotto for sending those links through! Now I really, really want a trip to Patagonia!


Very interesting Deborah.

Note Bethan Gwanas ( at least I think it’s her) at approx 2h 24m 10s doing some bilingual judging during the Friday session, too.

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I haven’t had time to watch that far through yet. I’ll keep an eye out for her. I’m really enjoying hearing the Welsh and Spanish!

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Yes, it’s definitely Bethan Gwanas, she’s my Welsh tutor!