Patagonia with Huw Edwards

I expect that this programme was discussed on here when it was first on BBC1 back in June. But if you missed it then (as I did) it has appeared again on BBC4 on 3rd December and is available on IPlayer for the next month.
It is incredibly moving to see how Welsh, which was dying in Patagonia in the 1960s, is now thriving again and how many people (including many of no Welsh descent at all) seem to be valuing the language and culture today. The reasons are very varied, but include pride, heritage, respect for the founding fathers, tourism, commercial gain (thanks to Princess Diana!) and the ending of the Falklands War, when there apparently developed a new respect for diversity.
It is great to see a BBC programme that moves easily from English to Welsh to Spanish and back.


I watched this in the summer when it was available on the international S4C site (don’t see it there now). It was excellent! I didn’t know anything about the Welsh communities in Patagonia. I learned a lot, and it was fascinating. I agree with @gorwelgwynedd - highly recommended!

I saw it on S4C and haven’t yet viewed my recording in English, but expect it is the same. I had read about the original settlement in a book in ‘easy Welsh for learners’ years ago, so I did know quite a lot, but it was great to see real people and how well they are doing. There was a drama on S4C at the time of the anniversary of the Mimosa, and, at the end, we found that this aged lady had come from a little village in a valley… and it was Capel Celyn and I cried!!! I don’t remember the name of that series.

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I watched it in Welsh with the English subtitles on. I didn’t think about the BBC version being in English - silly me! Hopefully it is the same!