Patagonia Visit

For those of you who want to follow my blog as we spend nearly 3 weeks in Y Wladfa, here is the link:

Many thanks to Aran. I am a first-time blogger! Just hope it turns out OK.


Shwmae Alison, Ti’n iawn? Dw i’n edrych ymlaen i gweld dy blog o’r Wladfa.
Hi Alison, I am looking forward to seeing your blog from Patagonia. I enjoyed your video from la Tasca in Cardiff so between the two languages you’ll be fine. Querio hablar español tambien. I know you are going to have a wonderful time …so enjoy and let´s hear all about it. Pob hwyl. Menna

Hope you both have a wonderful time, Alison! Look forward to following your exploits. :slight_smile:

What Jon T says.
Are you going to be conversing in Spanish or Welsh? :smile:

Both, I’d assume.

Ceidi hwyl

We’ll be “using” both, and also English (loud and slow of course!), and gesticulations! But just in case we are not understood, we have a guide from Teithiau Tango to help with communication and travel.

Helo Alison,
Shw mae heddiw? Gobeithio ti’n iawn.
I recall that you told us about your intended trip to Patagonia. I managed to find your blog just recently and enjoyed it very much. Thank you. Did you manage to post any photos by any chance …if so where would I find them, please?

No, sorry! I never did post them! However, if you are in Cardiff you are welcome to see them. When I have a little more time (in about a month I hope!) maybe I should try to make them accessible by invitation, but at the moment they wouldn’t be of much interest as they have no titles!

Patagonia is well worth a visit - especially if you have any connection with Wales or geology. We concentrated merely on the Welsh connection, but a geologist friend went much farther south to experience the unique geology and was bowled over by it.

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Shwmae, Since last we spoke we are all set to visit Ariannin/Y Wladfa /Brazil, leaving next week. Will be able to celebrate Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant out there so really looking forward to it. Hopefully will also get a chance to say a few words in both Welsh and Spanish. Of course it is important from our Welsh perspective and also from the Geological pont of view - the Museum will be very interesting I’m sure. Matthew Rhys’ book which I picked up at the Eisteddfod last year, had been an inspiration. Thank heavens for digital cameras I say, couldn’t ppossibly wait for films to be developed! Pob Hwyl,


Have just returned from 3 weeks in South America, Y Wladfa and Rio de Janeiro. We have had the most unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Seeing incredible scenery, meeting wonderful, friendly people, enjoying good food and company. Diolch yn fawr SSIW and Teithiau Tango.


Oops! I forgot to mention, we also met this fellow en route to Gaiman. He hasn’t been named yet but is the largest dinosaur to be discovered in the known world.


Shwmae Ali, dy ni’n wedi mynd i Ariannin ac Y Wladfa - dw i’n meddwyl mae e’n ‘Ardderchog’.
Mae gen i llawer o darluniau - hyfryd iawn.