Past Tense

Annwyl Aran,
Having finished Course 1 I slept well, but then couldn’t work out how to say that in North Walian, is it ‘Dw i wedi cysgu’n dda’ or is it ‘Nes i gysgu’n dda’ or even ‘Mi gysges yn dda’ or ‘Cysgais i’ n dda’ or only in N Wales’ Ddaru mi gysgu’n dda’? Help! I’m confused and need to sleep well again!
Cofion gorau,


Except for the first (wedi) they are all "I slept well. The wedi sentence is “I have slept well”, just in case you want to be very specific about the subtle difference between those two sentences.

So it’s not that you “couldn’t work out” how to say it in Welsh, it’s more that you know more ways of saying it in Welsh than you do in English. Sounds to me like you are a pretty accomplished Welsh speaker, then!

And knowing all those variations means that people are unlikely to confuse you in speech by using an unfamiliar pattern. It is all positive! Da iawn ti!

Annwyl Iestyn,
Llawer o ddiolch! Dw i 'n deall rwân! Bydda i’n cysgu’n dda heno!
Cofion gorau,