Past tense (old course v new course)


I’m a returnee to the new course who years back did the old course to about lesson 20. It surprised me before that the past tense seemed different in the new course and so this time I thought I’d ask a question about it on here - as it might be I go on to find out they are a slightly different form of pas ttense and I need both.

So phonetically, I’m sure that in the old course “I wanted” and “I said” was “Nersy moin” and “nersey thwade” and “you wanted” and “you said” was “Nersty moin” and “Nersty thwade” - But on the new course, for example, it’s “On y’n moin” for I wanted and “dwedest(d)y” for you said.

It would be great to understand why



Hi Rich,
Nes i ddweud or nest ti ddweud and Dwedes i or dwedest ti are interchangable, both are simple past
the first one is the so-called long form ( I did say) the second one the short form ( I said). In the old course the long form was taught in the beginning, the short form was taught in course 3.
With some words, like want ( isio or moyn) or know (gwybod) , you can’t use the simple past but you have to use o’n i’n , oeddet ti etc. ( I was wanting or I was knowing). This form was taught in the old course in course 2.

Ah gwych! Diolch y’n fawr Brigitte.
At this stage at least the long form seems easier to me, as it leaves the infinitive of the verb (if that’s the correct expression) unchanged - but I guess it’s perhaps less common in every day speech so I’ll not be tempted just to use that as an easy cop out!
Diolch y’n fawr eto