Password for booking parti 10

Help please! I’m trying to book the last space for Parti 10. I’ve reserved it but can’t complete the booking without the password - what is it please?? Thank you!

The parti penblwydd bookings were full quite some time ago, but you can leave your name in the party thread for the waiting list - [SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party

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Diolch Dee, but the space has become free again so I’ve re-reserved it, but can’t confirm and pay without the password! - can you help please? I can definitely go! Hwyl, Mari

That must be some kind of glitch. If there are any more places available, Aran will look at the waiting list and contact people, so you just need to put your name there.

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O reit, dw i’n deall! I have already put my name down on the waiting list thread, so fingers crossed. Diolch am eich help Dee! Hwyl fawr, Mari