Passing it on to the younger generation

Swmae Pawb (or Bawb, whichever is correct), I am very excited after speaking to my daughter. She had the following conversation with her 10 year old son, Micah, this morning. (We are in Australia).

Micah: Mum, dwi’n trist.
Mum: Pam?
Micah: Achos…

Why excited? Achos, their parents and they are Aussie born and had never heard welsh apart from me. I have put some words up for them, namely:

Bore da, dwi’n hapus/trist; Pam? Achos.

I live next door to them and when I go to see them in the morning the 6 and 8 year old will usually greet me with Bore da, dwi’n hapus, but this is the first time Welsh has been used in spontaneous dialogue between themselves. I put ‘da iawn’ up today.



That’s absolutely beautiful.

I’m hoping to do some stuff more specifically for children next year - but what you’re doing is, I believe, exactly the right approach - building little mini-sets of language for them… :star: :star2:


Oh. I absolutely love this @lynne_freudigmann. Fantastic!

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Mr hapus/Mr trist song on youtube might make them laugh

EY! Here yuo go …

Ac … Mr(s) HAPUS IDW I! :slight_smile:

Oh, diolch yn fawr iawn Jenny. This is great. Now they have a couple more words too. Gwych!

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Diolch yn fawr iawn, Tatanya. I’ll play this for them today. They’ll love it.

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Tatjana fach, I agree with Lynne!!! I have said elsewhere in the Forum that I’m 74 going on 4!!!

YAY! I’m 4,8 - hehe :slight_smile: