update: weekly news for learners and Neil on S4C Dal Ati

Shw mae bawb,

Just to update everyone here on a few things. is going very well, with some fantastic articles recently by Bethan Gwanas, SSIW super-learner Nicky Roberts, the National Centre for Learning Welsh’s Eiry Miles and Tiger Bay: The Musical composrer Dafydd James.

A kindly and wise person who has learnt through SSIW has offered to write a weekly news bulletin that is suitable for new learners. It’s a great way to read some simple Welsh about topics that you are aware of from English-language current affairs. The page is, and currently we will update it each Sunday. I would like feedback as to what you think- is the language pitched well, would you like more/less etc.

Also, I was on S4C’s Dal Ati Bore Da this morning with Alun Williams which explains the project well- you can view the clip with or without subtitles here:

Do keep your suggestions coming!

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Da iawn ti @neilrowlands.

I’m happy to see so much action at and around Parallel Cymru. Now more people know for the site so the readers will come.

About short news I was a bit surprised that they didn’t take the same form as the whole site but I can not decide what’s actually better - or just read and look at the words down below if not understand or to have the translation hand in hand with text Cymraeg. The lenght is just perfect by my opinion.

Thanks Tatiana. It is just a trial, and it can change. The idea is that it is simple Welsh about current affairs. Therefore, hopefully people will already know the context, with trickier words at the bottom. However, I recognise that you may not be watching British news, so some of it may be new to you!

However, depending on feedback we can change it, so folks, do make suggestions.

Hi Neil – it’s nice and straightforward, but I did notice a couple of typos: right at the beginning, there are too many ys in cyyflwyno, and near the end it says that Eve Miles should be an ysbrydoliaeth ar gyfer dysgwyr eriall :slight_smile:

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Ha ha good spot Richard- thanks for letting me know! My bad- sorted now :slight_smile:

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