Para vs de

Is there a difference between:
“…algo de comer.” used a lot in the tourist course and “…algo para comer” used in the main lessons or are both equally valid?

Since the difference comes from Gaby not remembering which he’d used, my guess is that they’re equally valid :sunny:

But tagging @gabycortinas just to be sure!

Thanks Aran,

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Hola Ian,

Yes, they are interchangeable. I can’t think of a phrase that would take one over the other one; possibly you would hear “para comer” more often, but both are similar.



Gracias, Gaby.

Hi Ian

Mexican here, I am agree with Gaby both are interchangable but in north part of mexico and I believe in other places too is more common “Algo de comer” (something to eat) is more popular.

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Hi @DanielChenoweth - a very warm welcome to the forum, and thank you very much for your input! I’d love to know how someone from Mexico happens to be here :sunny: :star: