Our first 10 day 'brain shock' intensive course has started

I know, she played them to us!

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:smiley: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: poor you…:wink:

I love them. You can get through so much stuff in half the time :slight_smile:

And next week @Nicky is coming to talk to us (at double speed too?).


Definitely, from what I’ve heard on the videos…:wink:

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this totally threw me for a second - then I remembered!

Oh yes, will be totally like those early listening exercises - I’ve even got Iestyn’s pronunciation of “Llaaaaaath” down to a tee!


and if you didn’t do the Southern course, you’ll still feel at home - because since moving to Aber, I’ve started using “efo” instead of “gyda” because of peer pressure :D:D

Everything else is still proper hwntw - but expect loads of “efo”

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In Aberystwyth, I’d usually expect that to be pier pressure… :wink:


I’m far too old for Pier Pressure (the club) nowadays, my driving licence is older than most people there!

How to feel old quickly!!! :smiley:

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