Other Welsh learners or speakers in the OC, CA area

Wondering if there are any groups or people learning or can already speak Welsh interested in meet ups in the Orange County, CA area. LA county also an option. Let me know!! Diolch!!

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@Sionned 's invaluable map of SSi-ers should help you out.
With any luck, the following link should take you straight to the LA vicinity:
LA Members


Oooh, that was clever - how’dya’do thatthen?

I went to @Sionned 's rest of the world map, zoomed in on LA, found a useful magnification then cut and pasted the url into my post. The url seems to carry information about location as well as zoom level.

It shouldn’t be relevant but I was using a Chromium browser in linux/ubuntu :nerd: :smile:

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Ww, myam sgram. Diolch!

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Hello! I am close to OC! I live in San Diego County and drive up to OC often. I would enjoy meeting up sometime, but I haven’t gotten very far into Welsh yet.

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Diolch yn fawr iawn. That was very helpful.

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That would be great. Where in OC do you get?

Mostly around the 5. I have friends in Irvine and Anaheim and enjoy going to Ducks games

Well, I’m in Huntington Beach so this is doable. What are your thoughts.

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How far into Welsh are you? Like I said, I don’t feel comfortable speaking it yet so I don’t think I would be much help to you. It’s nice to know that there are other people in SoCal interested in it though.

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start to feel comfortable - honestly. It can be a great idea to set up a regular meet, start with just 5 minutes of swapping sentences in Welsh (without them needing to build into a conversation, just for the experience of saying things in Welsh without a prompt when someone else can hear you) and gradually build up the amount of time you spend in Welsh… :slight_smile:

Well, not sure how to gage how far I am. I have been working on both the Old Material and New Material exercises in SSI and I am on Lesson 15 in the Old Material and Lesson 22 in the New Material. Also, I have been in the South Wales section.

No problem. I understand your hesitation.

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Another SoCal learner here. I am in Claremont in the Inland Empire. My first post and glad to see others in my region.

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Hello. I’m in Huntington Beach. Are you interested in a meet up to practice?

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Sure, I would like to meet but not sure how useful I will be for practice. I am only on challenge 14, level 1, south. I have been progressing lately at about a challenge a week (I think I can hear Aran sighing). I also do some vocabulary building using other resources. I will have to search around for the protocols for exchanging persona information on this site.

That’ll see you at the end of Level 2 in a year, which is a superb rate of progress - so don’t put yourself down… :slight_smile: