Other Voices / Clebran Project - Aberteifi (Cardigan)

We have this information about a very interesting sounding project taking place in Aberteifi, Ceredigion, but places are limited so be quick if you’d like to attend.

I wanted to share some information about an event that we are running in Aberteifi, which we thought would be of interest / inspiring for SSiW users…

We have a panel as part of Other Voices’ discussions events (Clebran), called Language Journeys.

We’re going to be talking to two people who have learnt Welsh as a second language and it became integral to their lives and their careers. Triple harpist Cerys Hafana, who learnt Welsh at School and now makes all her music through the language of Welsh and Wayne Howard, who was made redundant as a steelworker and then learnt Welsh and went on to become a Welsh language teacher! He’s now retired from that and has been making TV programmes on S4C (with his son Connagh, who was on Love Island!) following the boat journeys their families took from Ireland and Jamaica (windrush generation).

They will be talking to Jon Gower, who is so inspiring about the Welsh language and its ability to enrich your world and broaden your horizons. And also John Gallagher, who is an Associate Professor of Early Modern History, with a special interest in languages.

It’s going to be a really great session! All the information about this the other Clebran sessions can be found here: Clebran: Flowing Tides / Llanw a Thrai - Other Voices Cardigan | Other Voices

You can access this and all of the Clebran sessions (5 in total), plus all the Music Trail events (over 80 gigs) by buying a ticket, which is just £35 for all three days. Bargain!

Other Voices Cardigan 2023 | Other Voices Events

You can read more about the Music and the festival as a whole here: Other Voices Cardigan 2023 by Alannah McGhee - Issuu

Everyone who comes to the festival loves it, it’s just a magical event.

Just a warning, anyone interested in attending, it’s on a first come first served basis, and as we have the First Minister Mark Drakeford opening the festival just before this panel (and then speaking in the panel after), we expect this to be incredibly busy. Doors will open at 3pm and we advise anyone who’s interested in coming making sure they are here, and have already picked up their wristbands, in good time for that. The wristband collection will also likely be busy at that time, and we’ll need to see people’s wristbands to let them in.



Helena Turgel

Rheolwr Marchnata | Marketing Manager



I’ve been to Lleisiau Eraill once before, and it’s wonderful. I’ll be there this year too - really looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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I have tickets but am finding details of what’s on and when quite difficult to find. Any clues, anyone?

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Here we are:

If you follow the link in the post Dee shared, there’s a programme of events, both the Clebran events and the music trail. There’s even a map :slight_smile:

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@robbruce @sara-peacock-1 (and anyone else going):
despite landslides blocking the way through the Alps, storm and flu hitting the UK :grimacing: I’m actually planning to be there myself. :crossed_fingers:

If you think there’s a chance to meet, send me a message here in the forum so we can see how we can do! :slight_smile: