Oswestry / Shrewsbury meet up?

Im just coming to the end of level 1 and I’m interested in going to the Oswestry meet up. The note in the newsletter said to contact Sonja but there were no contact details for her. Can anyone help me.

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Haven’t heard about this but if anyone has details I would be interested in going too.

@Deborah-SSi might be able to help with the contact details… :slight_smile:

Well, things have got a bit tricky since we moved from the old forum. I’ve found 5 possible Sonjas listed when I try to send a private message, so I’ve sent them all a message asking if they are the Oswestry Sonja and giving them the link here.

I’m pretty sure there have been mentions in the past of Oswestry and the Cross Guns Pub, but I can’t find them with the Search facility so not sure where they are … perhaps the old forum (yes, my memory does go back that far :smile: ).

My only other suggestion (if the elusive Sonja doesn’t appear) is that the two of you, Amanda and Peter, agree to go along to the Cross Guns Pub on the 19th July and see if there is anyone there speaking Welsh. If not, at least you can have a chat between you.

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The Oswestry meet up was actually in Pant but I can’t remember any of the other details. Not much help, sorry.

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Thanks. Sonja’s been in touch now. Next meeting not till September :cry:

Perhaps you and Peter should arrange a couple of meetups over the summer and get in some extra practice ready for September :slight_smile:

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Always welcome to come to y Saith Seren in Wrexham on a Monday night. :blush:

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Thanks, I might just do that, I’m about 30 mins from Pant in Wales but it should be fairly easy to get to Saith Seren.

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Brilliant. Saith Seren learners’ nights info …

Where: erm, Saith Seren, Wrecsam.

When: Monday nights, anytime from 19:15 on till whenever you’ve had enough.

What we do: Nothing really, just sit around, staring at each other.

What to bring: Whatever, nothing, everything, I don’t care.

It sounds amazing, doesn’t it. Come along, don’t be shy, we’re very welcoming. :blush:


I’ve been going to SSiW group in Pant on and off for the last couple of years and have enjoyed the chat we have there. Unfortunately, apart from Sonja and her husband, a natural Welsh speaker, there has only ever been a maximum of three of us and, because of holidays, illness, and other distractions, it has often only been two, It would be great if some more people could come along to increase the range of conversations.
For the record, meetings are held at the Cross Guns in Pant, usually at the time and date listed in the “Meet ups” section of the web-site. Incidentally, although there appear to be several Sonjas listed as contacts for some reason or another, there is, in fact only one as far as I can establish.

On the subject of Saith Seren, this too is worth going to. Normally, around twelve to fifteen folk turn up and the atmosphere is great, although extremely noisy, with several conversations going on at the same time.

I’m also wondering whether there are enough people learning in the Shrewsbury area to establish a group there. Leave me a message if you thinkyou might be interested.

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We’ve had an email saying that this meetup is no longer happening. Is that the case?

I’ll remove it from the weekly email unless someone gets back with different information. Hopefully it’s just a temporary thing and the group will be back together soon. Let me know if it has been changed please and I can update the weekly email.


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I went up to the Cross Guns in Pant for the September and October meetings but no-one was there, so I sent @Sonja an email to ask what the situation is, but received no reply. The scheduled November meeting is tonight but without any reaction from Sonja I can’t see the point of going. However, I would be grateful @Deborah-SSi if you could let me know if you get any definite information on her intentions. Unfortunately, I don’t have contact details for the other two regulars at the group who might, possibly know something I don’t.

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Thanks Bryan. Shame you had a wasted trip. I’ll post again if I hear anything.

Sorry I keep trying to reply on my phone and its not working! I haven’t been before but was going to go in September. I had an email at the beginning of September from Sonja who said that they weren’t going to be meeting again.
There is someone who might be setting up a group in Llanfihangel but I haven’t heard anything definitely.


Yep that seems right @Deborah-SSi. Earlier, I remembered the details of one of the other people who used to come to Pant so I rang her today. It appears that @Sonja decided that there was insufficient support to justify carrying on. However, @amandalaing was interested, as was @pete and I have another person who is interested enough to have come with me in September. That makes a neucleus of four, plus it might be possible to attract one or two of the original members, so, perhaps that might be enough to tempt @Sonja_1 back.
As you’ll see I’ve included her in this message so we’ll have to see if she responds. Alternatively, @Deborah-SSi, if you have details of how to contact her outside the forum, could you try to get a definitive answer from her as to whether this is definitely the end?

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AS it appears that the Oswestry meetup has fizzled out I was wondering whether it would be possible to attract sufficient interest to start a group in Shrewsbury. If anyone reads this and would support such a group would they leave me a message to that effect please. I’m sure there must be a few of you out there.
( @Deborah-SSi for information )

I’ve changed the title of the thread so a few more people might see the ‘Shrewsbury’ part and express an interest. I’ll put something in next week’s email as well. Perhaps people could think about starting up again in the new year. Thanks for following this up.


I probably wouldn’t go as far as Shrewsbury as it’s about the same distance as it’s around the same distance from me as Wrexham so I would go to Saith Seren if there was nothing closer.

… and we’d love to see you in y Saith Seren Amanda. There’s a bit of a party there next Monday, what better time to make yourself known. :blush:

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