Organising the project itself

I think we can kick off confidently here on the forum - and having a continued discursive presence here will help make sure that new SSiWers hear about it and see what we’re doing, and see how they can become part of it…

We can divide into groups based on different threads…

If at some point we feel that a more chatty based approach would be helpful, we could set up a Slack installation - we already use Slack for a lot of the ‘behind the scenes’ SSi work (including volunteer input) - I’m not always clear on what exactly the difference is between forum discussion and Slack discussion, but they’re definitely slightly different.

And then when we get to actual project stuff, maybe Trello?

Any other ideas for overall organisation? :slight_smile:

I’d be particularly interested in this thread to hear from anyone with experience of organising volunteer projects, and/or organising work projects with large numbers of contributors… I’ve got a bit myself, but I’m absolutely certain that the more experience we can bring to bear on this part of the project, the better everything will go… :slight_smile:

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I have no experience in that organizing field but it might be more suitable if you’d organize this category as it is “News” one with the difference of that here people could post the comments but not start the topics unless you assigned people to be allowed to do so (people who are directly bound to organizing and leading the whole thing). The category wouldn’t be leading into too many (maybe) unneccessary topics and the whole project could be lead more clearly and easily because it wouldn’t lead to double the topics themselves aswell so the debate wouldn’t be shattered into (unwanted/unneeded) fractions.

Hope it tells common sense and can help a bit.

Diolch am ddarllen.
Tatjana :slight_smile:

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That’s a good idea… :slight_smile: Let’s wait a bit until we see what sort of patterns of behaviour happen… :slight_smile:

Ok, but if “unwanted” pattern of behaviour it gets I suggest not to wait too long … (you know what I mean. :slight_smile: )

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I’ve read the intro to the project, which is great :slight_smile:

@aran is it worth describing the scope and aims of this particular SSiW project? Obviously it feeds into the Million Speakers by 2050 Project, but…
What is the SSiW project timeline?
What does success look like?
How can we measure success?
What is the scope? Are we focussed just on language learning (I guess so!), or should we be thinking about planning policy - I guess not - but it might help to be clear.

I’m not expecting anyone to have all the answers to these questions, but if we had a framework, then we can all contribute to build on it.

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Good idea - I’ll put some initial thoughts into the pinned ‘First steps’ post, and welcome further contributions… :slight_smile:

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