OPRA Cymru 'Deigryn yn y Dirgel' (L'Elisir D'Amore)

Donizetti opera sung yn Gymraeg, tour dates:



@Karla, we absolutely need to see this!

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Thanks for the plug! i’m probably not quite ready for opera in Welsh, will there be English subtitles?

Note the date in Llandrindod!

Can’t speak for them but find it doubtful, they are a very small outfit and titles cost, they have a Twitter presence if you would like to enquire (https://twitter.com/OPRACymru). The plot of “L’Elisir D’Amore” is very simple, so one should be able to follow without understanding all of the words and the music is, well, Donizetti. There’s a little more blurb on The Gate’s site (http://www.thegate.org.uk/event/opra-cymru-present-donizetti-lelisir-damour/) and had not appreciated that Anthony Negus is actually conducting.

All the final 6gwlad matches are on the Saturday???

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Ooh…sounds great! Too bad neither of us is in Cymru… :frowning:

Maybe they’ll repeat it:) I’ll be hoping for it!

Yes - fingers crossed! :smile:

I’ve just arrived home after the performance in Llandrindod. So strange, normally I have go to London or Cardiff to see opera, which usually involves staying overnight. They are based in Blaenau Ffestionig, so sadly their last performance is tomorrow, but they promise to be back for anyone who missed them. They are really good, only picked out a few words, but I was there really for the show, which was excellent! I did get to practice a little Welsh in the interval, people seem to understand me, even genuine 1st language peeps from Blaenau Ffestionig!


Oh, I so wish I’d seen this to include in the weekly email before it was all over :cry:

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