Opportunity to contribute to parallel.cymru 🌼

Hello friendly SSIWers,

Most of you are aware by now of parallel.cymru, which is a new online magazine I’m running where all content is completely bilingual and arranged by level of the language. It is stonking for learners like us, but it’s also relevant for first language speakers who want to improve their reading, and hopefully the content is good enough that people who are completely fluent will enjoy reading it. If that’s not enough, then all content is available for free.

The SSIW community is a large, supportive and enthusastic part of the Welsh :sunglasses: world. I’d like to make SSIW a semi-regular feature, and do an article/column once a month featuring a different aspect of SSIW life. I’m not a journalist, so I want to get out of the way of asking questions so that others can write more interesting articles and ask better questions.

I’ve got three initial ideas for articles, so I’m looking to see if anyone would like pick these up: :bulb:

  • Aran has kindly agreed to be interviewed (Thanks Aran), so I could do with someone who knows SSIW well to write some questions that Aran will enjoy answering and give a bit of insight into how SSIW works/has grown so well/created such a good community etc.
  • An ‘in conversation’ piece where two learners living in, or close to Wales, ask each other a few questions by email about how they use SSIW, going to meetups/bootcamp, using Welsh in the wild etc.
  • An ‘in conversation’ piece where two learners living outside Wales ask each other a few questions about email about using SSIW and learning Welsh when there aren’t lots of opportunities to speak it in real life, how they ovecome those challenges etc.

In addition, if any of you have ideas of other articles, or a good story to tell, or specialist knowledge of a subject that you would like to share, or woud like to do a spot of translating or proof reading then let me know and we can sort something out. I’d like parallel.cymru to be a jumping off point into the world of Welsh culture, so all articles are fully credited and linked to the writers digital properties.

Let me know what you think, either on here the forum or at parallel.cymru@gmail.com.

Diolch bawb!