Opportunities for Dysgwyr to take part in local Eisteddfodau

At this time of year the local Eisteddfodau are gathering pace and popping up all over Wales. The idea of this thread is to post information about opportunities for those of you who have progressed to reading Welsh to try your hand at writing a little. So if anyone hears of any others, please post them in here. So far I have:

Eisteddfod Llanfihangel-yr-Arth March 3 - a piece of prose up to 200 words entitled ‘Fy Mro Enedigol’ (My Home Area)

Competition for Learners held by Merched y Wawr - Closing Date 1st March. There are 3 levels for this:

  • Beginners - Cerdyn Post o lan y môr
  • Intermediate - Dyddiadur Wythnos ‘Ar lan y môr’
  • Advanced - Atgof - ‘Glan-y-Môr’
    I’ll upload the details about this in another post below.

Eisteddfod for Learners in Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire - to be held in Llandeilo on March 23. All the details are here: Pamffled-Steddfod-2018.pdf (1.1 MB)

Eisteddfod Calan Mai, Aberystwyth - May 2, from 4.30 onwards. It’s open to anyone living or working in the Aberystwyth area: Rhaglen-Aber-2018.pdf (895.9 KB)

Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Maenclochog - May 7. This is a very full programme with children and adults taking part, but there is a special category for adults who have been learning for less than 2 years. It’s Item 47 in the programme here: Rhaglen-Maenclochog-2018.pdf (602.1 KB)

Eisteddfod Llandudoch - May 19. This is a full day with children and young people participating in the morning and afternoon and adults later on. In the evening there is a special prose category for adult learners - Item 65 - with the topic being released one month before. I’ll post it in this thread when I hear. Rhaglen-Llandudoch-2018.pdf (1.9 MB)

Plenty there for budding Welsh writers, but these are just in the area where I live. What else is out there?



Here is the poster from Merched y Wawr, but you’d need to get your entries in quickly for this one.

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Here’s Eisteddfod Dysgwyr Sir Gar a Powys…



Is this link of any help?



I would heartily recommend any SSIWer taking part in local eisteddfods. I was lucky enough to be ‘chaired’ a couple of times at the Eisteddfod y Dysgwyr in Caernarfon. It’s an amazing experience, you’ll meet lovely people and receive lots of encouragement. It’s great for your self-confidence. If you don’t think you can write, try writing! If you don’t think you can recite, or sing, play an instrument or act - try it! If you’re doing SSIW at any level you already have a great start.


There is a 'steddfod in Llanwrust coming up in March. :slight_smile:
Rhaglen Steddfod 2018-2.pdf (1.1 MB)