Online tools for Welsh history

If you have an interest in Welsh history or of specific locations there’s useful article here in Nation.Cymru (scroll down for English version)



Nation Cymru have a v good facebook page/group too. Whilst on the subject of facebook, there are some other good Welsh history pages on there - the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust; Heritage and History of Wales; Welsh History; The History of Wales, and Welsh History and DNA project. Some very interesting articles, video clips and discussions have been posted on all of those pages and they’re well worth joining.


If you’re interested in Welsh and British history then please take a look at
Also look at the channel on You Tube to see all the videos
There is also a very friendly live You Tube ‘show’ usually every Sunday …gwnes i dechrau ysgrifennu yn Gymraeg…ond oedd yn rhy anodd i fi!!