Online shop for Welsh clothing

We’ve promoted a few different online Welsh shops over the years when they’ve sponsored a prize in our online eisteddfod, but this one is new and seems to have some quite different designs.

It’s described as “a clothing brand to help spread love of Wales and Welsh language” could be worth a look -


Would it be rude to tell them they’ve spelt “Croeso” wrong on the front page?

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I’ll tell them! I’m sure they would want to know!

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These are lovely. Definitely going on my birthday wish list! Thanks for sharing.


Those clothes are beautiful and I’m especially delighted that they’re made of certified organic cotton!
GOTS is one of the best seals of quality in existence for textiles, so I always look out for it.
Thank you for sharing it, Deborah :smile:


I’m always looking for Welsh companies. Not much on etsy.


Not at all, Stephen! We sincerely appreciate the comment. This project is encouragement for our kids to continue their language training, while also sharing love of Wales with others. The kids have had a hand in the creation of the site and the designs. They’ve done an excellent job, and yet this misspelling was on me! Quite embarrassing. The site was launched last month - so we’re still tweaking things. We welcomed new baby, Ffion, to our family 10 days ago, so a busy time to launch a business, but it’s going well. In short - Diolch yn fawr iawn!


Awwww, llongyfarchiadau am y babi newydd! Personally, it’s Y and W in some combination that get me… I struggle with words like byw, bywyd, bwyta, tywydd, dyw and dwy with which way around they go!

Pob lwc gyda’r busnes!


As someone who has stupidly sensitive skin and struggles with any kind of synthetic materials, I am now the proud owner of a ‘Cariad’ t-shirt, and I can vouch for how lovely the material is! As soon as I opened the package and touched it, I knew I would be buying regularly from this shop!

And it came in recyclable paper packaging - not a bit of plastic in sight!