Online Meetup in USA

Hi I see there is an online meetup in the USA online at 9pm. I cant find the email address or way to contact the person in charge of the meetup to join anyone have the email? thanks

S’mae Mav?

I assume its one of these?

Virtual Meetup USA - using Google+, twice monthly (1st and 3rd Weds), at 9pm U.S Eastern Standard Time Zone / 2am West European Time. (Contact Lynn B. E. Jencks to find out more)

Virtual Meetup Intercontinental - using Google+, twice monthly (2nd and 4th Sat), at 8am U.S Mountain Time / 9am US Central Time / 10am US Eastern Time / 3pm West European Time/ 4pm Central European Time (Contact Lynn B. E. Jencks to find out more)

If so, send a Private Message to forum user lynnbejencks for more information. You can use the forum search feature (the magnifying glass up near the top right corner) to find her profile and send your message from there! Alternatively, the link below should take you there directly

Lynne B E Jencks



I dont know if PM is disabled for me because i am a new user.

I will send you a PM now Mav to test it…


it seems my profile now says basic user before it said something like new user and the private message button now appears thanks for your help.

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Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus!

Hi Everyone. I am recently arrived in St Louis, MO. It would be great to meet up or chat on Skype in Welsh with anyone who would like to. I am very much a beginner and would love the opportunity to use the little Welsh I have! Dwy’n gobeithio sgwrsio â chi yn fuan

Hi, @Neil_Tumber! The best place to ‘meet’ people for an online chat is through our worldwide Welsh Speaking Practice group. To join it, send an e-mail with WSP in the heading to: . There is a special channel there for learners living in N and S America, and you may even find people living in your area for a face-to-face meeting. Pob lwc!