Online grammar guide, for free- great complement to learning through SSIW

Hi all,

I’ve just published a Welsh grammar guide online:

It’s free to access, and it’s re-presenting the work of Mark Stonelake, who has written Welsh for Adults courses at Swansea University for the last 20 years. It’s presented in order of learning, from simple to more advanced, and has a search box to help people find items.

I’m also in the process of making it bilingual, which will allow people to read it in Welsh if they wish.
If you are proficient it is a great way to reference things.

Those of you who have studied in a Welsh for Adults class will be familiar with the sequence and the presenation, but that it is far easier to find items than using the online Y Bont/Moodle system.

Like the language itself, it is a living, breathing guide, so unlike a book it can be updated at any time. If you have feedback, please let me know!



Diolch yn fawr iawn Neil!

I was thinking, by crickey the entry level stuff is hard. Then I realised I was reading everything in Welsh!
Well done Neil. Dr Gramadeg sounds quite sinister though

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That’s a good point, thanks for that! I’ve added a note on the first couple of pages on each section to help people know the structure. I wouldn’t want learners to be put off by not noticing the English…

Mark is a lovely guy, and I thought that a Q&A-style table of contents would work well, so it made sense to use a name like that for the section. If people start to think that a James Bond-style villain is coming to teach them Welsh then I shall have to reconsider!

I knew the English was there. I’d read the introduction in Welsh, and avoiding ‘looking across’ to try and work out the meaning, so got into the habit of ‘sticking to the left’. I don’t think it’s problem with the layout.