Online courses - need recommendations please :)


I have been casually learning Welsh for some months. I tried the 6min SSIW course but it doesn’t work for me.
I live in France (Paris) so there is no facility here to learn Welsh.
Could you please recommend an online course or online teachers? or even other methods to learn Welsh?

Any help is welcome :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,

Hi Ivy,

well I think it would be easier to help if you can describe a bit more of what you mean with “it doesn’t work for me”(since I guess a lot of people are here because SSiW is actually working for them!).

This way, those among us who had similar problems and found additional courses/methods/teachers that worked well can suggest you something more suitable to your preferences and needs.

Or, those who had similar problems and overcame them and then managed to get SSiW to work better can give you tips to maybe make it work better for you (if you like - since you’re going to have access to this material anyway so why not taking advantage of it, I would guess?)

By the way, I might be in Paris for a couple of days around the end of November, so if you’d like to try a little chat in Welsh with another learner or a chat in English about the experience learning Welsh away from Wales…write me and we’ll see if we can find a place and time that may work for both. :slight_smile:
(I’ll be traveling/meeting with people who don’t speak Welsh at all so don’t worry it won’t be a long, exhausting chat!) :grin:


There is Duolingo, of course, but though it’s good for vocabulary and perhaps for revision if you want to move from speaking to reading and writing, I wouldn’t recommend it as a way of learning to speak Welsh.

Was there a particular reason why SSiW didn’t work for you? I had 3 attempts before I could cope with the course, but now I’m using the method to learn Spanish with SSiS.

I think Bangor run some online courses and you can always get a one-to-one tutor on Italki, but perhaps if you explained what exactly didn’t work for you, we might be able to suggest alternatives or even tips on how to make SSiW usable for you.

Hi Ivy,

I learn with Bangor Uni via Skype as well as doing SSIW. I completed the Entry level last year and have just started the next level with Bangor.

I find that the combination of learning some basic grammar with Bangor and the speaking opportunities with SSIW works for me. If you look at the forum or at the Facebook group for Duolingo for example, there are many grammar questions that are answered on more formal courses. I also found that already knowing some of the grammatical patterns helped me to relatively easily get through Level 1 of SSIW.

Hope that helps and gives another perspective as sometimes I feel that SSIW is quite “anti” formal classes, but to me they are complementary. :blush:

All the best,


Thank you for the replies. Well, the reason is simple. I do not like the voice of the man speaking in SSiW, it annoys me, so I cannot listen to it :confused: I know it’s weird. I tried but I just can’t.
@gisella-albertini sure why not, altho my Welsh is a little rusty and I am a beginner ^^
@margarethall and Kate I am using Duolingo as well. :slight_smile: thank you also, I will contact Bangor uni to ask about their online course.

Oh well, maybe it is a bit weird. :thinking:
But I can be very picky about sound myself, so…it may happen! :wink:

However one thing I have to ask now: did you try both North and South version?
Cause the voices and the accents are very different!

I don’t have anything in particular to suggest now cause I haven’t tried much else apart from SSiW.
But I can send you a message when I know my plans for Paris. Oh, don’t worry, I may just dare and speak more than many other learners in the wild, but I do a lot of mistakes.
For those who don’t have many chances to speak in person any occasion is good, even for a few sentences I think! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I will check out the North version.
Sure, you can send me a message. I can’t seem to be able to send a message myself.

Hi Ivy,
Only just seen your post. There’s a new course just been produced by Gwyneth Angharod. She is a Welsh tutor. You can see many of her lessons on Youtube. Here’s the link to her new course.