Online bootcamp - starting/finishing times

I’ve been using the app on my phone the past few weeks and have found it to be absolutely amazing. I have learnt so much in a really short space of time! Am so grateful to the SSiW team!
I was thinking about doing the online bootcamp, but not sure I can fit it in around other commitments. I saw that it starts at 9am each day. What time roughly does it end each day?
Thanks a lot

Hi Owen.
There are no fixed times - you fit it in around the rest of your activities. You probably need to find a couple of hours each day to do the lesson and the challenge. Some people will be quicker - some may take longer. The email to start you off comes 24 hours after you pay your fee.

Ok, great, thanks for the info. Will decide if I can do the next one. If not, I’ll do the one after that!

I think Owen might be talking about the intensive weekend rather than the 5 or 10 days online bootcamp. From what i have understood the weekend is fairly solid Welsh using lessons and lots of skyping etc.

Sounds like you could be right, judging from Owen’s post.

Yes, it was the 2 day weekend online bootcamp I was thinking about. Is that an all day thing? Finishing what kind of time? Thanks

I think it’s supposed to be intensive so i thought it would be all day for the two days - the email said it finished Sunday evening. But best to ask Aran about precise timings.

Yes, it is :sunny:

As with all our stuff, there won’t be any physical instruments of torture involved, so if someone says ‘That’s it, I need to go and lie down and cry for a while’ at 5 o’clock, we won’t try to cause them any more pain - I’d imagine, from previous experiences, that some people will trudge on until about 7 or 8, but it’s about the option being open for you, rather than a requirement :sunny:

Ok, sounds good, thanks for the info. Don’t think I can do this coming one unfortunately, but I will keep my eye open for the next one. Thanks again

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