Online bootcamp - review

Just finished the 10 day online bootcamp and, despite making some of these comments elsewhere, I’ll summarise my views here:

Was it worth the effort?
Yes, I feel as though I’ve learned a huge amount in a very short time. Only time will telll how much of it will stick but, even if I forget some of it, it will be easier to re-learn the next time!

Was it worth the money?
Yes it was. I know that I could have done it for nothing. The lessons were free to download and I could have worked out the challenges by reading through the forum but I’m not sorry I paid. Paying money symbolised a committment for me and motivated me to keep going even when I struggled. Also I think that what Aran and co have done is wonderful. Putting two introductory Welsh courses, vocab units and practise sessions on line for people to download and use for free is remarkable. It’s obvious that an enormous amount of work has gone into it and £20 is a pathetically inadequate payment for what I have got from SSiW.

What do I wish I’d known before I signed up for bootcamp?
I didn’t realise that the TIME you sign up is important. I thought that the emails from Aran would come through first thing each morning. In fact they arrived in my inbox at 24 hour intervals from the time I signed up. I didn’t sign up until early afternoon and, as the best time for me to do each lesson was early morning, I’d already done the lesson when the emali came through. I also wish I’d known that Aran was going to be away for my first week of bootcamp. The only feedback I got during the first week was from a couplle of other forum users (which I’m grateful for).

What will I do next?
I’m going to complete the level 1 (new course) after my enforced brain holiday.

Longer term plans?
I want to do the assessments. Not sure if they are ‘up and running’ yet. I am also going to see if I can afford to sign up to the site so I can progress through the lessons I need to pay for.

I enjoyed bootcamp. I liked being free from feeling obliged to repeat stuff until it ‘sinks in’. I was surprised by how much I remembered the next day. I’ll miss it now it’s over. I liked not having to write stuff down although I am slightly worried that I don’t know how to write most of the words I’ve learned. I found doing a whole lesson in one sitting impossible - too long to sustain my concentration. I did all the lessons in at least two sittings and sometimes even four or five.

Excitement, trepidation, relief, joy, satisfaction,annoyance,frustration, surprise, tiredness,

Would I recommend it to others?
Oh yes definitely. Go for it!

Great to hear that it has gone so well, as I embark on day 6 I am really glad that I signed up for 10 days and not 5. I too found the timing of the emails a little off-putting to start with, as on the first day I was really excited and then disappointed that I couldn’t get started until lunchtime. And I feel the need to recommend the course to others.
Have fun.

Looks like you had a great time of it, congratulations, it’s great that these online bootcamps are giving people a boost (I really should try one)!

Every time I read a post like this, it gives me a little nudge to make sure I go and do more ‘Welsh stuff’ of some sort (be it listening to a lesson, or a listening practice, or shoving Radio Cymru on or whatever), they act as a lovely sort of public motivational service :slight_smile:

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