Online Bootcamp Jennifer Carter

I’m now on my 2nd day of Bootcamp but the first time I’ve written anything on the forum. I didn’t start off too well - as I’ve completed the 1st 3 courses I decided to redo lesson 25 course 3 . Having checked Aron’s instructions I decided to start on lesson 15 Level and do the gogledd course - I’ve been following the De Cymru courses.

I did greet people the met in church yesterday with Bore da followed by a short chat in Welsh with a first language gentleman however I do struggle to understand him at times and he usually corrects me as he’s not too keen on my more informal Welsh as per SSIW!!!

Here’s my attempt at a dialogue.

Helo Alison beth nest ti neud dros y penwythnos?

Alison, - Dydd Sadwrn es i i’r Birmingham i ymweld fi ffrind Sarah.

Sut nest ti fynd -yn dy gar di neu ar y tren?

Alison - Ar y tren -oedd e’n hyfryd achos gallwn i ymlacio yn llwyr.
Beth amdano ti - beth wyt t’n neud?

Bore sadwrn es i i’r ’ coffi a chlonc’ yn y Llyfergell - fel arfer a wedyn es i siopa er mwyn prynu bwyd. Yn y prynhawn nes i garddio.

Dw i’n balch ti’n joio di benwythnos- hwyl

Looking forward to the next challenge!!

I’m very sorry indeed to see that no-one answered this while I was away.

It sounds as though you made a great choice to have a go at Level 1 - and your dialogue was great - so I’ll hope very much to hear how the rest of the process went for you…:smile: