One Year Report

Today is my first anniversary of SSiW. I am currently on Lesson 3 of Course 2 Southern. This past Winter and Spring were stop and go. Too many things were getting in the way. I’ve gotten back to doing the lessons fairly regularly.

I was on Vocab 3 when the new framework came out and I diverted my attention to them. Once I had done all that were available, I came back to the C1 Vocabs. I found I needed a refresh of the last few lessons of C1. But, after doing the new framework, I found the Vocabs much easier to do as I had a much better feel for the language.

About half way through the Vocabs, I started interleaving them with Course 2. I finished the Vocabs this week, so I putting all my attention to C2.

I am also getting back into doing more listening. I still don’t understand most of what I hear, but it has gotten better. Looking forward to my second year.

Happy Anniversary Craig :slight_smile:

Sounds as though you’ve come a huge way in just a year - many congratulations, Craig…:star:

Diolch yn fawr Andy & Aran. :smile: