‘One can’

Context: I’m preparing for an assessment and in my assessment I want to include a sentence saying something along the lines of “One can play this video game with friends”

So, how would I say the ‘one can’ part without sounding too formal or literary?

There are three ways which would equate to ‘one’, but there is no direct translation:
using ‘rhywun’ - Mae rhywun yn gallau chwarae… or Gall rhywun chwarae…
using ‘dyn’ - Mae dyn yn gallu chwarae…
using ‘chi’ - 'Dach chi’n gallu chwarae… or Gallech chi chwarae…

Personally, I’d go for rhywun or chi.

Thank you! Are these okay if im writing with a south dialect?

Yes - some north dialects might swap 'dach for 'dych or gallu for medru, but 'dach and gallu are still fine everywhere.

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