On the way to "revival" all the way to future Skype practices/conversations

Since I many times (too often) have written on this forum how many languages I “speak” I decided that it’s time to revive my knowledge of all those long forgotten languages. I’ve signed to Memrise (until SSiEverything arises …) and started with Italian and German along with some vocabulary practices of Cymraeg as I noticed my vocabulary is really, really limited.

The decision raised in me after Saturday’s Skype practice of (it should be) Cymraeg, (but oh, oh …) with @brigitte where we ended speaking a bit of German (well, but concluded with Cymraeg anyway).

I don’t know though if it’s bright idea since I have such enormous troubles with learning Cymraeg, but I imagine it might give me some confidence and a bit easier times with Cymraeg aswell if I’ll do better reviving my knowledge in languages I already know. It’s also great as I really can do those things on my tablet when driving by bus as I don’t need to be as highly concentrated as I (unfortunately) have to be when learning Cymraeg. I already did some of Italian and some of German and I found out I didn’t even forget as much as I thought I did so this should be pleasant addition to learning Cymraeg.

Well, @stella, you can count on me wanting to chat a bit Italian via Skype prety soon and I recall @Millie invited me to Skype once upon a time, too.

I would be interested if someone learned Serbo-Croatian or (EVEN) Slovene and would want to have some pracitce session too. I bet at least one on this forum speaks the language … :slight_smile:

Let’s see … I’m challenging you and accepting challenges back.


You can count on me, I’m always glad to have a chat in Italian:) And maybe you could talk to me in Slovene so that I can find out if it I’m able to understand it? I’d be very grateful, I’m really curious!


I am also curious about Slovene, although I don’t expect to understand it!

@tatjana I would be happy to skype, but not this week - I am concentrating on the bilingualism articles and getting some work done on another project. We can set it up soon.

Ah, @Millie I’m not that in rush myself aswell, so don’t worry. I’ve took a look into your articles but will read them tonight . Then we can message via FB what else you’d like to know (as we talked the other day on Twitter). :slight_smile: Having a quick look (and a bit of read) I can even now say the articles are brilliant so keep on writing.

I have read both of your articles and I can say it’s great pice of work. Especially I liked the second one where you give a reader ideas how to maintain child’s bilingualism, what activities can contribute to maintain it etc. I’m also very glad we share common thoughts and ideas about digital resources and technologies. They are here to be used in most helpful way and if we have all this technology why not use it.

All in all, people I’ll go totally offtopic and recommend @Millie’s writings about this to all. The link to her profile on “Jump!” where she writes is here: http://jumpparents.co.uk/author/millie/

I wanted to open separate thread but kind of doesn’t fit into any forum , maybe into uncategorized. ( @Sionned, @wondersheep, any ideas where to put such discussions which could go elswhere and nowhere at the same time? :slight_smile: (as I have a feeling “Uncategorized” category somehow isn’t used anymore))

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As I’ve got totally offtopic in previous post and if I do some more update it’ll be too long and too mixed, I’ll put some extra update here.

As every Saturday, I had nice (not so little) chat on Skype (it was an hour and a half long session) with @brigitte and we mostly switched our chat usually going on in English with German one. I have to say that with this part I’m quite satisfied. My German is quite awkward and rusted yet as I didn’t speak the language for about 10 or even more years; articles are missing or they’re wrong, tenses are a bit awkwardly put, I still search for words to express myself but all in all the conversation went on prety “fluently” and, besides some little tinny things I could understand Brigitte very well.

So, I can say Saturday was pleasantly concluded with nice talk in German and an hour and a half time passed with lightening speed. :slight_smile:

I rather won’t say anything about my Cymraeg part (this comes in Tatjana - progress reports though).

On the other note
Now I’m very near to be ready to have some Italian skype session. Just a bit of vocab exercises to refresh my memory and I’ll definately be OK to start. I’ve tested my mind the other day and tried to put some sentences in my mind properly together with proper tenses and so and I believe there are quite some things I didn’t forget so @stella and all the rest who might be interested to have some patience with me, just a bit more and I’ll be prepared to unleash my “skills” on Skype. - hehe. :slight_smile:

And no, my Cymraeg learning process isn’t interrupted or on stop mode because of that and it isn’t slowed down either. I’m going with the same pace through the same errors despite I still didn’t find the weapon to concor those shortenings which I’ll in short time officially proclame as my enemies Nr. 1 - haha! AND I SHALL OVERCOME! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Well, @stella let’s say I’ve revived some of my Italian so we could try and have a little chat in it. From tomorrow on (08.09.2015) tell me when you have time and we shall see if we can come together on Skype. tatjanaprelog is my skypename or mail thoughttalking(at)hotmail.com my live acount. The picture is the same as here … However drop me a note on the forum first as I’m not on Skype when I don’t use/need it.

For @margaretnock and more of those who would like to chat in Cymraeg with me (if there are any at all) I’ve bought me a new pice of technology (this problem finally solved), but I’m not sure. I still find myself too clumsy and too (least) talkative (in Cymraeg) to chat with anyone other then @brigitte who is already used to my Saesneg “outdropping” transfering into occassional German and all of a sudden dropping back to (one word) Cymraeg again. I think it would be waste of your time. I admit I could learn from you but you surely can’t possibly learn anything from me though … You need and deserve better then this.

Hello Tatjana, I will be very glad to have a chat in Italian with you, but this will have to wait till next week, as I’m on holiday right now, and the internet is not so fast here, unfortunately! I will write to you as soon as I can)

YAY! HOLIDAYS UNDERWAY! :slight_smile: @stella on holidays, @brigitte on holidays, I on (kind of) holidays (as I have a week off).

Hey, ladies! Have the most wonderful one ever! I hope it’s not as cold as here is where you both are!


And don’t rush! If holidays are great (which I don’t doubt they are (will be), then it’s never long enough to return to reality.

I’m back home now and very willing to meet in skype when you can, Tatjana. :sunny:

If you have time tomorrow about 20:00 GMT+1 (if it’s not too late where you live or too early maybe?)

I should be around 22.00 here, so yes, ok for me:)

Ah, so you’re 2 hours ahead of us. OK. my Skype mail thoughttalking@hotmail.com or Skype name TatjanaPrelog (the same picture as on here) … :slight_smile:

Ci sentiamo o vediamo. … :slight_smile:

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I think I found you:) I’ve sent you a friendship request on skype

Thx. Will accept when I can. Now I’m at work and have just brief “sneak in” into the forum … :slight_smile:

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Well, just to mention that I just had a nice (although quite long (my guilt again - hehe)) conversation with @stella through Skype first in Italian and then in English. There was not as much “proper” Italian comming from me then I actually expected but I could be satisfied anyway since I didn’t speak the language (this I properly calculated only today) for about 20 years. I’m short on vocabulary and the structures like “for”, “with”, “from”, “about” etc are quite weak point however my general impression is quite OK. I’m confident that I can improve here. The most I’m satisfied with that when I search for the word in Google translate I mostly have no problem to read it (except for some exeptions which are more due to my bad sight and desire to read it quick then anything else). Tenses are weak point also but they just have to “come back” into my head as I actually learnt them but I am confident this will be back too.

All in all, thank you Stella for your time and thank you for enabling me switching into English when I felt I’m becomming tired. Yes, despite the conversation went quite easier then Cymraeg one, I became tired at one point. I’m looking forward to next session when we agree on it in the near future.

So, Italian will eventually stick. Back to Cymraeg now before going to bed.


It was my pleasure:) You did well, especially for a person who didn’t speak Italian for 20 years! But I could say that you lack exposure, a bit… Try to watch some short videos or listen to things (news or songs) in Italian, and it will all come back much quicker.

I had commentary of both yesterday’s rugby matches (Wales and AllBlacks) in Italian what was actually good. I enjoyed it. And, mucis, yes. Italians have a lot of good music. I recall there was more Italian music on our radio times ago too, but now it’s almost no more.

For the taste of it, this mixture of English/Italian duet I love the most (you know all who preformers are, don’t you?)

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Oh, I like his Italian-English duets:)

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Ahhh, yes. How about this one - Eros is king no doubt …