On the slippery slope

Noswaith dda.

I’ve just started a 10 day bobsled run
I only on the 2nd lesson, so still tongue tied at times.

I have a particular drive to learn Welsh, as I am going to Patagonia at the end of April and want to be able to talk to and understand other Welsh speakers.



Best of luck to you Cathy. You’re going to have a great time! :smile:

Waw, ti’n lwcus iawn Cathy! Dyna beth gwych i anelu amdani!

Wow, your very lucky Cathy. That’s a great thing to aim for!



That’s a brilliant goal, and an excellent start to achieving it, Cathy!

4 months is not a long time to learn a language, so the harder you throw yourself into it now, the more you will get out of it by the end of April. But please note - I’ve not said to work hard! Play hard, do the challenges even if they seem a bit tough at first, and have a lot of fun. Come here and share your fun and your frustrations - there’s a lot of other people who’ve had both, so you’ll have a sympathetic ear, and a trolley load of practical advice.

Most of all, see every step you take in your Welsh learning experience as a positive. Every lesson under your belt will add a massive amount to your enjoyment of Patagonia, and the conpany of your fellow travellers. Have a ball!

I don’t know if I should mention at this point that I am horribly jealous of you as well! There, I’ve said it!

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Day 3: plenty of moments of **** what was that word/what was the second part of the phrase/whoops forgot gallu again :smile:

Just done last part of challenge 1, booked a neighbour in Wales for a catch up with a few glasses of gwin coch plus the challenge.
Still to do 2 & 3 - work’s getting in the way… Hope to catch up at the weekend

Sounds as though you’re off to a great start, Cathy - all of that is exactly what happens when you really go for it :sunny:

Status report:
My tongue is tied up over the long sentences, not helped by a brain that’s gone to mush and forgets what was said! - the early starts into London, work and then Welsh in the evenings are taking their toll. I am finding Welsh phrases bubbling around my mind when trying to get to sleep.

I’m guilty of re-listening to the previous nights lesson as I walk to work- but I let it run straight through (no pausing) and think responses when I can.

Currently conversations with people are limited but I have started texting my husband in Welsh, even if it is just an ‘yma’ or ‘yn y swydd’

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You’re doing excellently! The ‘bubbling’ in your mind is a terrific sign… :thumbsup:

Don’t worry about this - but do try to start saying something (anything!) as soon as possible, rather than trying to think your way through the entire sentence - if you just get the first few words out and then draw a blank, that’s absolutely fine :sunny:

Sounds like you’re doing really well, Cathy! I found that the re-listening (especially while walking) really help to solidify everything in the brain, so no need to say you’re ‘guilty’ of that - seems like an excellent idea.

What a great challenge you’ve set yourself! Dal ati!

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Still here, progressing, even if I did miss doing my lesson on Friday as I was working and traveling.
Back in Wales for a few days, trying to talk to our “ci coch” in Welsh :slight_smile: , she keeps giving me funny looks!

Link to the challenge, I could do with some orders for the dog
E.g. Come and Down


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Try ‘tyrd yma’ for ‘come’ - literally come here - pronounced ‘tid um-ah’…

and ‘lawr!’ or ‘i lawr!’ for down… :sunny:

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