O'n i'n and wnes i

Shwmae I was wondering about o’n i’n and wnes i, and which one to use
O’n i’n gwylio teledu, = I watched television
wnes i gwylio teledu = i watched television
O’n i’n byw, = I lived
Wnes i byw =i lived

I would understand “O’n i’n gwylio” as “I was watching”


“O’n i’n byw” as “I was living”

if that helps.

Thank you Margaret

I learned that on i’n byw can also be used as I used to live. On i’n etc belongs to verb to be, hence was in past and wnes I belongs to verb to do hence did. Eg On i’n byw yng Ngaerdydd ond mi wnes i symud i Gaernarfaon. I used to live in Cardiff but literally I did move to Caernarfon (or I moved to